Good news on Lighting but Bad News on the Bridge

P1060926When I was door-knocking, I was asked by a Garnet Street resident if I could do anything to improve pedestrian safety for those walking through Wapping Woods on their way from Shadwell DLR.

I made some enquiries with the council and was told a site meeting would be held to improve the lighting between Wapping Woods and Shadwell Basin. It all then went a bit quiet so I’ve chased the matter up and received the response below. Success! We are to get two new street lighting columns, to be installed in the next fortnight.

While I had their attention, I also asked whether they’d give a lick of paint to the bascule bridge on Garnet Street, whose state of disrepair had been raised as a gripe by several residents. The answer on this one wasn’t quite as heartening – they have apparently looked into painting the bridge before but estimated the cost to be £345 000!!! Hard to believe…! That being the case, I am afraid it’s probably going to be some time before they find the cash for this project.


1st September 2014

REF: 1- 89604068

Dear Councillor Dockerill

Subject :      Bascule Bridge, Garnet Street

I refer to your enquiry regarding street lighting improvements and repainting of the Bascule Bridge on Garnet Street.

I am pleased to confirm that installation of two additional street lighting columns is programmed to commence next week between Wapping Woods and Shadwell Basin and these should be in lighting within the next two weeks.

With regards to the bridge, a preliminary costing exercise was carried out for a re-painting scheme for inclusion in the Borough’s 2011/12 Local Implementation Plan [LIP] funding submission to Transport for London. At that time, the estimate for the works was £345,000 using a protective paint system with a minimum 20 to 25 year life span. The bascule bridge bid was assessed by London Bridge Engineering Group (LoBEG – who are responsible for prioritising the award of funding to such bids on a London-wide basis).  The bid was unfortunately not successful and has not been re-submitted on the basis of feedback provided.  The Council does not currently have funding available from its own resources but Transport & Highways officers will continue to seek to secure contributions to fund this work in the future.

Please feel free to contact my Service Head if you have any further queries specific to this response.


Asset Manager Highways

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