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photoIt is now a year since I was first elected as Wapping’s local councillor and in that time, I have been trying to raise our ward’s profile in Tower Hamlets and get it the repairs and maintenance work that have been ignored for far too long. I now have news on various items of that work:

The Bascule Bridge on Garnet Street. When I was campaigning in the elections last year, an exasperated resident said she would be grateful if someone could get the bascule bridge properly maintained as it is rusting away from underinvestment. It is a great piece of industrial heritage and one of the things that gives Wapping its character and sense of history. I am delighted to say that it is now going to be painted!

garnet- Wapping Lane pavement – I raised the problem of enormous puddles gathering outside the Wapping Lane shops by the zebra crossing and the area has since been drained and repaved so hopefully there will be no more problems.

- Bollard Lighting, Ornamental Canal – I have asked for a year now for the lighting to be restored to the canalside to improve safety for residents and those running or cycling through our ward. The lighting had been vandalised and left unloved for too long, and it was one of the things I badgered Tower Hamlets about relentlessly! This week, it was confirmed that the new bulbs have been installed and the lights repaired.

- And finally….(drumroll)….

Last year, I asked whether we could have the Christmas tree (delivered) but also some Christmas lights for the shops on Wapping Lane. This wasn’t deliverable at the time because it cost extra money to put the tree holder and power supply in. However, I am told we will have lights as well this year.

I should also mention there has been a lot of work on improving the Ornamental Canal, but that’s another story which I’ve written about separately here

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