Wapping Ornamental Canal Project

I know how passionately Wapping residents feel about the Ornamental Canal which runs through the heart of the ward from Wapping Woods through to Hermitage Waterside. Not only does it provide everyone a much-loved outside space to walk, exercise and find peace in the metropolis, but it also hosts local wildlife from swans, moorhens and ducks to herons and carp. CHYGczIW8AAE5qR

I have been trying for some time to get improvements to the canal, both on maintenance issues and upgrades to signage and street furniture. I continue to push for the reinstatement of the bollard lighting to improve personal safety along the canal and alerted the council to an overgrown, messy area of the upper walkway which has now been cleared up. There is a long piece on my website from last year about the pumps and Bow Maintenance contract as well. http://wappingconservatives.com/uncategorized/ornamental-canal/#more-4172

Earlier this year, a number of the council’s Clean & Green team came down to the canal to see what can be done to improve the environment for wildlife. We asked for more bird platforms, planting that might encourage better water flow and other steps to make it a nicer environment for young families and others to enjoy. I asked for improved information boards to replace the grim bye-law notices there at the moment. 

CHYHZVPWIAAqbHJPhase 1 of the Wapping Canal enhancement took place on 13 June when one hundred volunteers from Citibank came down to the canal to help start the process. The 2nd phase will see local people leading on the further enhancements.

To summarise activities so far:

  • Wapping Woods

Cut back Creeping Thistle and Dock (6)

Prep and paint 12 metal benches with black metal paint and bins with same (20)

Weeding paths (6)

  • Nesting boxes/bird and bat boxes

10 x rafts

10 x bat boxes

2 bird boxes

  • Bridge (pump end)

Clear and clean lights (2)

  • Wapping canal

Prep and paint uprights and chainlink from pump to bridge (36)

  • Tobacco Dock

Prep and paint railings(10)

  • Tree and green area – Green team to lead (10)

Rake and remove waste and vegetation, face-up shrubs

I am talking to people in Citibank to see whether they would be interested in a longer-term relationship with St Katharine’s & Wapping.

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