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Wapping-Market-Stalls-4Last summer we had the pleasure in Wapping of a new food market held every Sunday, organised by Brockley Market, on the Brussels Wharf site. Unfortunately there’s been no sign of it so far this year and there has been twitter speculation about whether it was due to a delay in the council’s market licensing system or some other such bureaucracy.

I made some enquiries with officers and was told informally that the problem was not the council and they weren’t aware of any barriers that had been put up to the continuation of the market. I shared that info on twitter but I also asked for a formal response as well and just wanted to share the below with residents, received last week, which took a bit of time to extract from the relevant team at Tower Hamlets.


Dear Cllr Dockerill,

I can confirm that the problem does not lie with the Council and we would have been happy to have the market back. Previously the Brockley Market manager had indicated he would like to start again June 2015 after closing for the winter but then came back and stated he had lost a key member of staff and did not have the capacity to operate the market in Wapping for the time being. I hope this clarifies the situation.

With Regards

Stephen Murray

Head of Arts, Parks and Events

LB Tower Hamlets

From: Trevor Kennett
Sent: 28 July 2015 09:13
To: Julia Dockerill
Subject: RE:

Dear Councillor Dockerill,

Sorry for the delay in responding to your enquiry, but I have only just returned to work.

Brockley farmers/food market was a project run by Culture & Parks and not by the markets service as it is held on parks designed land and not the highway so it was not licenced or managed by my team.

Stephen Murray led on the project so I am sure he can update you on what is happening with it for 2015.

Hope that helps

Trevor Kennett, FRSA

Head of Service

Community Safety Enforcement & Market Services

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