Wapping Lane Junction – Traffic Lights Fixed

junctionMany Wapping residents walk to and from Shadwell DLR, crossing the Highway at the intersection with Wapping Lane. However the safety of the pelican crossing has been questioned because of the phasing of the traffic lights.

Currently, when the traffic light turns green for cars turning right from Wapping Lane onto the Highway, the pedestrian crossing turns green too. Sometimes the cars do not notice that they need to stop, posing a danger to any people who are using the crossing.

I raised this safety issue immediately with TfL’s Head of Surface Transport and received the reply below. Thankfully he has sent engineers to the site and a temporary fix has been implemented while we wait on the parts for a permanent solution. The latter should be imposed by the end of July. 

Dear Julia,

Thank you for your email. 

My engineers have been out on site, at the junction of Wapping Lane and The Highway, to investigate and identified that we need to fit a new piece of equipment.  An order has been raised and the equipment will be installed by the end of July.  Once the equipment is installed this will address the issue you have raised with the coordination of signals to pedestrians and right turning traffic. 

In the interim period, changes will be made over the next couple of days so that waiting times for pedestrians in the central island, crossing north-to-south, is kept to a minimum to ensure they are able to continue to cross safely.

Best wishes,


Leon Daniels

Managing Director Surface Transport

Transport for London


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