Vaughan Way HGV Access Granted

grantedJust to let everyone know that permission has been granted to open up a second access point on Vaughan Way to the London Dock site. I did make representations on behalf of all those who had raised concerns with me as part of the council’s consultation on the matter. I also raised my worries about the amount of construction traffic using that very busy junction with the Highway now that councillors have voted in favour of the demolition of the Topps Tiles building and its replacement with a new residential block. 

Here’s the relevant planning document which outlines those objections and provides the officer’s comments to them.

Planning document

Below is an illustration of traffic movements in and out of the site. The proposed number of HGVs using the access point per day has been reduced from fifty to twenty and it is assumed this will translate into four truck movements per hour related to this new access point. Restrictions have been placed on the hours of operation. I’m afraid I can’t copy and paste all the relevant bits from the planning document as it’s a scanned document so please view the above link for further information.

Traffic route

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