Tree felling, London Dock

IMG_5369This through today from Craig Carson of London Dock development:

Dear Julia,

You will be aware that there has been some local interest in the removal of the trees on the eastern side of Vaughan Way to facilitate construction of London Dock. These will be removed in the next few days and we are posting the following statement on our website.

With best wishes,


London Dock Commencement

The planning permission for London Dock, granted in March 2014, includes the removal of trees on the London Dock boundary along the east side of Vaughan Way.  St George is now starting construction of the development and, in accordance with the planning permission, the trees are to be removed in order to enable construction to commence.

St George is committed to principles of sustainable development and about 180  new trees will be planted in the development as it progresses , including replacement trees along Vaughan Way. The details of the tree species and their locations will be agreed with LB Tower Hamlets.

As part of the planning obligations within the Section 106 agreement, St George will make a total contribution of £940,000 towards public realm improvements in the areas around the site.

In addition, London Dock will see the delivery of six acres of public open space, which is over half the site area. This will be in the form of three public squares, the 375m promenade on the southern boundary and market gardens. In addition there will be four water gardens for residents’ use.

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