TfL cuts down our 100 bus route

cwi0iyuwiaertqyI am sorry to inform Wapping residents that in spite of a hard-fought campaign, TfL will be cutting down the route of the 100 bus such that it no longer serves St Paul’s, Blackfriars, the Southbank/Tate or Elephant & Castle. Everybody responded fantastically to my call for a ward lobbying effort by writing to TfL and the Mayor of London but unfortunately they have decided not to take on board our concerns. This is the letter I received from them last week. I am sorry not to have been successful in this important campaign.

Routes 100 and 388

Dear Julia,

Thank you for your interest and response to the proposals for Routes 100 and 388 that we consulted on between 30 September and 13 November 2016. To recap we consulted on proposals to extend route 388 to Elephant & Castle using the current route 100 routeing from Wormwood Street (via London Wall, St Paul’s, and Blackfriars Bridge), and withdraw route 100 between the Museum of London and Elephant & Castle, while making the current diversion of route 100 via London Wall avoiding Liverpool Street bus station permanent.

I am writing to give you some feedback on the consultation in advance of us publishing the outcome next week.

We received 521 responses to the consultation (including eight responses from stakeholders). Of the 513 public responses, 36 per cent supported or strongly supported the proposed changes, 8 per cent neither supported nor opposed them, while 45 per cent opposed or strongly opposed them. 1 per cent said they were not sure or didn’t know and 8 per cent didn’t answer.

We have carefully reviewed all of the responses to the consultation. In respect of the issues raised by the borough of Tower Hamlets, Councillors and other local stakeholders/residents, we understand concerns about the impact of shortening route 100 on Wapping residents. However, retaining route 100 in its current form is less cost-effective than it used to be, as usage of the route has reduced by over 40% since 2010. This is due to increased journey times, because of the impact on bus speeds of certain highway schemes like the Aldgate Gyratory scheme and Cycle Superhighways making route 100 less attractive to customers, as well as improvements to London Overground and Jubilee line services.

We appreciate that local perceptions may be that the proposals would worsen public transport links with Wapping (at a time when the local population is expanding). However, please be reassured that we keep the bus network under constant review and liaise closely with local authorities on growth areas in London in our aim to match demand with supply.

Concerns were also raised about the boarding/alighting point for route 100 at the Museum of London, and that a preferred option was St Pauls instead. I can advise that we did consider this alternative and worked closely with the City of London to find an alternative stand location, but unfortunately a suitable location could not be found.

The Museum of London terminus for route 100 still leaves Wapping residents with a direct service to key City locations in the City like Liverpool Street and Moorgate. We acknowledge that those customers who currently use route 100 who wish to travel beyond Museum of London will now have to change onto the 388. However this inconvenience is mitigated by the quality of the interchange (i.e. several bus stops on Wormwood Street and London Wall can be used for same-stop interchange between the two routes) and the introduction of the hopper fare.

There were also concerns about an increase in journey times. Although journey times may increase for passengers who have to change bus, a shorter route 100 is likely to perform better, providing a more reliable service between Museum of London and Wapping.

Making these changes to route 100 and extending route 388 to Elephant & Castle, will better match capacity with usage on the two routes, meaning we can save resources that can be used elsewhere on the network.

After considering the consultation responses, we have concluded that on balance, the benefits gained from the proposed changes outweigh the disadvantages, and we therefore plan to go ahead with the changes to routes 100 and 388 as proposed, with a new bus stand for route 100 located at the Museum of London on the Rotunda.

We plant to implement these changes in April 2017.

I attach a copy of the full consultation report and our response to issues raised. When the consultation is published these will also be publicly available on our website at

Yours sincerely

Gavin Clark

Consultation Team Transport for London

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