Speeding in Wapping

P1060863I have written about the issue of boy racers, commuter coaches, HGVs and ratrunners speeding along Wapping’s 20mph roads on many, many occasions.

After the most recent incident involving a bad crash just opposite Capital Wharf, I asked the Borough Commander about what we can do to prevent speeding of this kind, including whether a speed camera might be appropriate. She wasn’t entirely sure of the regs in this area and wondered if the speed limit was 20mph, whether it was the council who needed to install such cameras. So I asked the council and just got this response.

It is suggested I contact Inspector Darren Baxter about volunteering in a community speed watch event. I actually did that at the time but heard nothing more. I’ll write to Inspector Baxter again and let you know what he says.


Dear Councillor Dockerill

Enquiry regarding: ME – 20mph Speed Cameras

In response to your query received on 24 October 2016, speed limits can only be enforced by the Metropolitan Police with safety cameras installed by the London Safety Camera Partnership; the council have no powers of enforcement. Where appropriate those cameras do indeed enforce 20 mph speed limits. For safety cameras to be installed a strict criteria must be met which includes the number of personal injury collisions in a 3 year period. As Wapping has an excellent collision history and is statistically one of the safest parts of the Borough (from a KSI perspective) it is unlikely that the camera partnership would consider Wapping Lane and Wapping High Street a suitable location. Notwithstanding this you may recall Inspector Darren Baxter wrote to you earlier this year asking for volunteers to take part in a community speed watch event where residents can work with the police to stop and educate speeding motorists. This offer is still open so please contact him to arrange an event in your ward.

Yours sincerely, Tom Rawlings Team Leader Design (Road Safety & Cycling)

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