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proj-004-KEMP-view1-12-12-02-1024x724Just before the election, I met the team working on the Thames super sewer to discuss its likely impact on Wapping. Click here to see the original article.

I asked them some questions about likely disruption in Wapping from construction works and they said they’d get back to me, which they’ve now done (they actually replied in March but their email got lost in the ether). I paste below the answer I received. Read on if you’d like to know what’s happening with the traffic management, children’s playground and setting up of the community liaison group. In short, no bus routes (i.e. the D3) stand to be affected, the Thames Path will be diverted, and the first community liaison meeting will take place in 2016.

Dear Julia,

Further to your meeting with Geoff Loader and Kate Thomson, I’m writing to answer your questions regarding the construction work planned for the King Edward Memorial Park Foreshore site.

During the construction period, the majority (approximately 85%) of the park will be open to the public with some facilities, such as the children’s play area, relocated to allow the construction works. The final configuration of the site is to be agreed with the local authority. However, I can assure you that we will only be working within the Limit of Land to be Acquired (LLAU), in order to comply with the DCO. We will also be working with the construction contractor to devise a layout that  minimises the impact on sensitive receptors, such as Free Trade Wharf, and ensures park users can continue to safely access and enjoy the park. To see the LLAU, please refer to p65 of site works Plans.

Prior to submitting our application and during the examination, the council acknowledged in discussions about our assessment that there are not likely to be any potential significant effects to local highways due to our works. Any traffic management matters, which could include possible changes to the traffic signalling as identified in our Transport Assessment, will remain in the council’s and Transport for London’s (TfL) control through the highways consents required by them before the contractor can carry out works on the site. We will of course continue to work with the council and TfL to ensure disruption on local roads is minimised.

As part of our Transport Assessment we undertook modelling to understand the impact and transport issues associated with our construction activities. This included the impact of construction vehicles on the bus services and facilities on Glamis Road. We found that no bus routes are anticipated to be affected along Glamis Road and within the wider area, particularly as the majority of materials required to be transported to or from this site will be by river; however the contractor will have to submit details of traffic management proposals to the council for their approval.

To accommodate the movement of larger construction vehicles into and out of the site, we may need to suspend 15m (two coach bays occasionally used by the Pierhead Preparatory Montessori School) of car parking on Glamis Road. Parking would not be re-provided and this suspension would be confirmed with the council. It is unlikely that the contractor will need the bays for the full duration of the works as there is only a limited period when the larger vehicles requiring these suspended bays will be accessing the site.

During construction, the existing Thames Path that runs adjacent to the riverside footway of King Edward Memorial Park will be diverted to enable safe use. The diversion would be around the main part of our worksite where the shaft is to be constructed, and through the western part of the Park to Glamis Road. Access would be retained via a controlled crossing to the riverfront area around the Rotherhithe Tunnel ventilation building. The gates would only be closed during vehicle movements. A traffic marshal will ensure the safe movement of vehicles and public crossing. Please see pg 23 of the Access Plans document for a drawing of the existing and realigned Thames Path.

As you’re aware, the first Steering Group meeting to discuss the Landscape Masterplan took place earlier this month. The meeting was set-up to comply with the obligation on the council in the s106 Agreement. The purpose of this initial meeting was to understand and agree procedural matters for the group including the roles and responsibilities, for both the council and the project. It is understood the officer leading this Group, Shazia Hussain, is to report to the council’s Cabinet on this matter.

Regarding the set-up of Community Liaison Working Groups (CLWG), we sent out, received and captured comments from the boroughs on the draft Terms of Reference for the Groups last summer.  The first King Edward Memorial Park Foreshore CLWG meeting will subsequently take place in 2016, before construction starts.

As you may be aware, we recently (27 February) announced our preferred main works contractors. CVB JV, a joint Venture of Costain, Vinci Construction Grands Projects, and Bachy Soletanche will, subject to the award of contracts later this summer, be the main works contractor for King Edward Memorial Park Foreshore and the eastern section of the tunnel. It is likely that CVB JV will need a period of time to mobilise their delivery team. However, in the interim, we have already begun working with their tender team to understand their approach to construction at King Edward Memorial Park Foreshore. Once the contract is awarded, our proposals should be finalised and we will then be in a position to share more detail with you and the community on the appointed contractors’ approach.

I hope this information answers your questions. Should you have any further queries, please do let me know.

Kind regards


Communications Officer

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