Royal Mint Court Plans, Tower Hill

royalmintThough not strictly in our ward, I thought residents would be interested to see the consultation boards for the redevelopment of the Royal Mint site. Click here

For those unfamiliar with the site, it is opposite St Katharine Docks and the Tower of London and is currently dominated by a faceless office development dating from 1989. Nonetheless, this is an important historical site and retains some valuable buildings such as the Grade II listed Johnson Smirke Building, completed in 1809, which housed the Royal Mint after five hundred years based in the Tower of London. The Johnson Smirke building was named after the two architects responsible for its inception, one of whom, Sir Robert Smirke, went on to design the British Museum.

The Company of Moneyers led by the Mint Master – a post held at one point by Sir Isaac Newton – manufactured all coins of the realm. But when decimalization was introduced in the early 1970s, operations were transferred to new buildings in Wales, and in 1975 minting ceased at Royal Mint Court. royalmint2

Delancey purchased the five-acre development in 2014 and now has plans to revamp it, opening the site up to Tower Hill and providing new walkways and green spaces, as well as refurbished office space, cafes and restaurants. By making the site more permeable, it will be easier for residents in our ward to walk through to Cable Street, which itself is due to get busier as new homes, shops and public space are added to the route of the cycle superhighway.

royalmint1I went to the first consultation event and my primary ask was for the development to be linked into Tower Hill to ensure that it is easier for pedestrians to navigate the area, and to lift the look of the surrounds. There is a lot of development in and around Tower Hill at the moment and I do not wish to miss the chance for it to improve the overall look of this nationally significant historical area. You can find out more about the consultation by visiting the Royal Mint website –


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