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P1070035I recently posted on this site information about plans to redevelop Red Lion Court, the old warehouse on Reardon Path near Il Bordello. To read more click

The developers held a consultation event to speak to local people about the plans a week or so ago. Following that consultation, a few people got in touch with me to ask questions about the redevelopment, particularly with regard to the developer’s argument that it is not feasible to retain any of the existing building and the subsequent loss of heritage in Wapping.

I therefore wrote to the Planning Department to get clarification on a few things. Residents should note below that any decision on whether to grant permission will be delegated i.e. not voted on at planning committee but decided instead by officers. That is unless the council receives twenty or more letters of support or objection on the application. The planning application has not yet been formally submitted but when it is, residents with concerns might therefore wish to make their own, formal representations to the council.

Dear Councillor Dockerill,

RE: Redevelopment of Red Lion Court, 1 Reardon Path, London E1W 2PP

Thank you for your enquiry in relation to the above development. Following a public exhibition by the site’s developers’ you asked for clarification on the following matters:-

1) Whether during pre-application discussions LBTH Planning Officers have agreed to the principle of demolishing the existing C18th century warehouse;

2) What the views of LBTH heritage officers are on the pre-application proposal;

3) Whether the development will be considered at development committee or through delegated powers;

4) If there is an update on the Construction Management Plan for the King Henry’s Wharf development as there is concern that the number 100 bus would have to be rerouted if the subject proposal were to be constructed at the same time.

In general terms pre-application discussions are held under terms of confidentiality. However, given the emerging plans have been subject to public consultation I think it would be useful to clarify the Council’s current position.

LBTH Officers are of the view that the existing warehouse façade makes a positive contribution to the character and appearance of the Wapping Pierhead Conservation Area. However, the façade is clearly in a very dilapidated condition and its retention is likely to be challenging.

The Council will need to assess whether the scheme as a whole ‘preserves or enhances the character and appearance’ of the Conservation Area. The quality of the replacement building will be an important part of this consideration. In the event that the scheme as a whole is found to cause harm to the Conservation Area, planning policy (particularly with reference to paragraphs 131 – 136 of the National Planning Policy Framework) requires that the Council balances the harm to the Conservation Area against the public benefits of the proposal.

Officers have not yet been presented with the Developer’s full case for the loss of the façade, and as such have not reached a final position on this matter. Any decision would also need to be informed by the views of the local community, which would be sought during the consultation phase of the application. We are also required to consult with English Heritage on the proposals.
By virtue of the size of the proposed scheme, the planning application would be considered under delegated powers unless there are 20 or more letters of support / objection against the officer’s recommendation.

Finally, with regard to the Construction Management Plan at King Henry’s Wharf I can advise that I have not had any further contact from the Developer of this site since the grant of planning permission. Any Construction Management Plan for Red Lion Court would need to discuss how works would be coordinated with potential simultaneous works at King Henrys Wharf.
I hope this responds to enquiry, however if you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours sincerely

Applications (Team Leader)

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