Rat Running Through Wapping – Report It!

P1070098One of the biggest issues that residents are writing to me about at the moment is the use of Wapping as a rat run, particularly in morning rush hour and by commuter coaches and HGVs. I have raised this on numerous occasions with the council, and in person with the Mayor, suggesting higher visibility traffic patrols in the morning. This has not led to visible improvements yet although I think we are beginning to get some action with better signage and promised rush hour enforcement operations.

Last night I got an email from Peter Alnutt of Tower Hamlets’ Street Enforcement & Response team.

Peter explained that he has been doing a bit of work with some of the residents to identify which coaches are using Wapping as a shortcut. Rather than wait for TFL to do something about it he has been writing to coach operators warning that they risk losing their route permit if they digress of their prescribed route of the Highway.

He would appreciate it if residents who see coaches or HGVs using Wapping as a rat run could email him with images of the vehicles alongside the date, time and location that they were spotted.

He is also asking for the assistance of the Traffic Commissionaires for London and has explained that Tower Hamlets will do the ground work and get the evidence for them if needed but but would like them to take action where appropriate.

Peter’s email address is peter.allnutt@towerhamlets.gov.uk

If you have any pictures and relevant details, please, please send them to him.



Cllr Julia Dockerill

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