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IMG_4836Thank you to all the residents who turned out for the police meeting we organised at St George’s Town Hall last week to discuss persistent anti-social behaviour, dangerous driving and crime in Wapping.

We know everyone is keen to engage and the Borough Commander has since written to outline what action police will be taking as a result of our meeting. I paste below her correspondence, which includes her recommendations to council but also to residents about how we might all work together to push back against the problems we have been experiencing. I also include my reply to her, which includes my concerns about the crash that happened that very night.

From: Sue Williams
Sent: 29 April 2017 10:40
To: Julia Dockerill
Cc: Martin Kirby, Shiria Khatun; John Biggs
Subject: Wapping Meeting


It was good to see you again on Thursday and I enjoyed meeting so many of the local residents. I was surprised and delighted to see such a great turn out and listen to the concerns of your constituents. Martin Kirby and I have had a long discussion regarding the issues raised and what we can do to reduce ASB and car racing in Wapping as well as addressing other concerns raised. We will work with the residents and Partners to ensure we have an appropriate and effective response.

I thought I would set out some actions that we discussed at the meeting and may be some quick wins for all of us.


We are going to make more use of Sec 59 Criminal Justice and Police Act 2001 which gives us the power to issue ASB warnings and seize vehicles who have had more than 1 warning. We will require details of vehicles and evidence from residents. So we propose to design a template your residents can complete and send to the SNTs.

We will do more ASB warnings using our new processes so we can collate repeat offenders and take action with RSA where applicable.

SN will continue to do 20MPH road checks and we will ask our MSC colleagues to assist us with those checks and patrols in Wapping Area

SN will patrol areas where vehicles are parked and deal with any ASB apparent

We will ask Road Transport Police (RTPC) to patrol the area when available and take action against speeding vehicles. We will do some enforcement around No Insurance or where hire cars have been used in ASB/Road Traffic Offences.

We will take appropriate action against any road user driving under the influence of drink/drugs.

We will identify and write to those committing driving offences and warn as appropriate unless clear evidence to take action via CJS.

We will ask Schools officers to highlight impact of Nitrous Oxide use with local schools.

We will ask the ASB patrols to pay attention to areas where ASB apparent and seek to divert young people away from ASB/Crime through sport/youths services

We will take action against anyone who sells/supplies Nitrous Oxide.

We will continue to check any vehicles that sex workers use to ensure no offences are being committed and that vulnerable individuals are safeguarded.

Local Authority – We will request them to:-

Do some enforcement on vehicles who have no tax.

To work with TFL and RTPC to review any traffic calming measures

To replace the broken bollards

To clean areas where Nitrous Oxide canisters are left and take action for litter offences

To use CCTV vehicles when available to capture vehicles offending on the roads

To appropriately task THEOs to patrol areas where ASB is apparent

To do an article on Nitrous Oxide use and related offences for ‘Our East end’

To work with other agencies and outreach workers who can assist with vulnerable adults and diverting young people away from ASB/crime.


We request the community to sign up to OWL – Neighbourhood Watch

We request the community to use any template we provide to notify us of vehicles offending or committing ASB

We are that any information or intelligence is forwarded to the local SNT

We ask that people come forward to be part of the local SN Ward panel. This Panel is run by the members not the police and set local Ward priorities and have a say over policing matters that impact on the community.

We look forward to working with you and the residents of Wapping and will be happy to attend another meeting in 6 months to see how together we have improved the Area.

Kind regards


Sue Williams
Sue Williams | Chief Superintendent

Tower Hamlets BOCU | Territorial Policing – HT |

From: Julia Dockerill
Sent: 29 April 2017 17:51
To: Sue.Williams
Cc: Martin.Kirby; Shiria Khatun; John Biggs
Subject: RE: Wapping Meeting

Thank you for this, Sue. I am pleased the meeting was so well attended.

My thoughts and reflections afterwards – I know Mark Baynes of Love Wapping concluded that this was a communication issue. I happen to disagree, I think it is about the absence of joined up, strategic thinking and coordinated action by police, local authority and housing associations using the intelligence and powers being provided to them. I don’t think anyone has taken a step back to look at the overall problem and thought how it could be tackled in a comprehensive way. Residents actually try to communicate a lot but they don’t feel the data and intelligence they provide goes anywhere. Then they disengage.

The message on speed cameras was particularly alarming. They are not a silver bullet by any means, but the implication seemed to be that a fatality is required before the cost can be justified. Also, given the cost of repairing street furniture from these crashes, it is probably cost-effective in the long-term to look at a comprehensive speed-calming package. You are probably aware that the very night of the meeting, there was another crash at Kennet Street which took out two bollards on the pavement – you can imagine how fast the guy must have been driving.

I would also add that Kennet Street and Thomas More St seem to be hotspots judging by the complaints I’ve received. When I was out delivering my leaflet about the meeting, residents pointed out to me a lot of dumped vehicles, broken street furniture and a number of houses where drug dealing is underway. I know that police got a warrant on one of the houses there not so long ago, and worked with THH to evict the tenants. If more of that work could be done, then all the better.

I think your email is great as a summary and suggests that what I want in terms of more strategic thinking may well start to happen. I really hope this can be the start of something. But please – to John and Shiria – can we look at a proper traffic calming programme for Wapping? Use some s106 from London Dock or even project money from the Tideway works.

Many thanks again, Sue. I appreciate the time you and your officers gave to this on Thursday and yes, let’s do it again. Residents have emailed to say how glad they were just to talk about the issues and I think it’s good to keep up the positive engagement.

Best wishes,


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