Pavement Puddles

wapping lane

UPDATE! As of Monday, work has now begun on Wapping Lane to ensure that the pavement outside the shops stops flooding. Hopefully this means no more of those big puddles when it rains that we all have to skirt around. Thank you, Simon of Tower Hamlets, for sticking to your word and acting on my original request!


I recently had one of the council’s senior officers over to Wapping to discuss improvements to the ward. I asked him to take a look at the pavement outside the shops on Wapping Lane which floods so frequently. He took a few snaps and has since sent a follow-up email (below). I shall let you know how his site visit goes – hopefully we can get some repair works done.

Wapping Lane

I am meeting with one of the Highway Engineers next week to inspect the pedestrian crossing and the footpaths. I am led to believe that the footway has sunk and needs to be re-laid to prevent the water cascading into the businesses. The barriers were allegedly placed at this location at the request of traders. There have been incidents of vehicles sliding off the road and onto the pavement. I will try and establish more facts on the day of the visit.

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