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BlBL_WqIMAAuH-SWe had a great team of friends out in Wapping this weekend to help us deliver our latest newsletter. Thanks, as ever, to them for their relentless enthusiasm and enormous support.

If you didn’t get a copy of our newsletter, you can find it here. It details some of the ways in which our borough has been let down by the incumbent Mayor and the Labour majority.



    1. Development plans don’t benefit existing local residents. Despite opposition from local residents, Labour and Rahman-supporting Councillors continue to give permission for ever higher tower blocks. A total of 43,170 additional flats are due to be built locally, but we believe that the council fails to make developers pay sufficient contributions towards doctors surgeries, schools, transport links or community facilities.
    2. Council refuses to build badly needed new schools. Within a decade there will be 14,000 more school age children in our Borough. The Council is not building enough new schools. It already spends £1 million a year on taxis and buses to transport children to the far corners of our Borough and beyond.
    3.  Our roads and pavements are in very poor condition. The Council refuses to prioritise fixing potholes in our roads. Local Conservatives found enough money to repair every street in our Borough, but Labour sided with Mayor Rahman to vote down our plans.
    4.  Our parks commercialised and open spaces ignored. Mayor Rahman sees renting out our parks for noisy concerts and beer festivals as an easy way to pay for his ‘advisors’ and pet projects. Labour may say they oppose renting out our parks, but they keep on granting alcohol and performance licences to these events.
    5.  A broken, divisive and unpleasant local political culture. Under Mayor Rahman, Tower Hamlets Council has become a national scandal. Rahman refuses to answer any questions at Council meetings, and his spending priorities are deeply unpopular. With 13 Labour councillors joining Rahman since 2010, is it any surprise that more and more local residents are fearing ‘Vote Labour Get Rahman’?
    6.  Key local services are neglected. Mayor Lutfur Rahman has cut the late night noise nuisance service, introduced charges for pest control and brought in charges for bulk waste removal. Cutting town hall waste would allow the full restoration of these services.
    7.  Our streets have never been so unclean photo (1)
    8.  The Council spent £3 million on advertising last year, including on East End Life, the Mayor’s personal propaganda freesheet.
    9.  Mayor Rahman’s chaffeured car costs us £42k p.a. and he gets his driver to drop off his dry cleaning


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