Ornamental Canal – 14th July Planting Day

P1070128I recently posted about the improvements underway to make the Ornamental Canal more attractive and nature-friendly. Click here

Phase 2 of the programme is coming up on 14th July and will involve putting additional planting in and around the canal to encourage wildlife and help with water quality. Details from the council’s lovely volunteer coordinator, Sam, below:

Good morning Cllr Dockerill

Phase 2 of the Wapping canal project will be carried out on the 14th July.

I have sent an email to Mark Baynes and he is due to include a write up on the Love Wapping (he has – thanks, Mark – click here to read) website to encourage volunteers but according to Bow Landscapes only 6 are required at the most to help with unloading. I hope many more will be needed for stage 3!

If you need to pass volunteering information on to anyone interested the plants are due to be delivered between 10-12pm (can’t be more specific I’m afraid), the event will start immediately and will finish around 15.30.

I hope you will be able to make it down on the day but expect, like many, you will be working (I am unfortunately).

Very best wishes


I also wrote this week to Michael of the Clean & Green team as I had received a few emails from residents who felt the canal wasn’t looking its best. In the email below Michael explains how the canal is being looked after:

Dear Councillor DockerillP1070125

Thank you for your email regarding the Canal.

As always at this time of year and especially with the extremely hot and dry weather conditions, the issue of Canadian Pond Weed arises.  It is certainly not harmful, and as long as this is controlled  it will not cause any major issues to the canal system. It  is basically an on-going  process in terms of removal ,and eradication is almost impossible

It  would take large quantities to de-oxygenate the canal whilst  many of the  carp within the canal  also feed from it.   

Canadian Pond Weed requires water temperatures of 10 – 25 degrees  to thrive which is why it is only at the height of summer that this issue arises.

We have not received any complaints from any residents directly, other than regarding the Algae thatIMG_7193 settles at Waterman’s Way, which was subsequently removed. Our recent inspections do not indicate any issues outside of usual seasonal concerns as described above.

We did have an initial meeting on site with yourself, and colleagues from Parks, Love Wapping plus the fishing club and our Bio Diversity officer.

If further proposals to both Waterman’s and Vaughan Way were to proceed, this would impact more closely on residents, and I have advised my team that further extensive consultation must be carried out prior to this work starting.

We have installed an RFID reader at Waterman’s Way end of the canal. There has unfortunately been a delay in acquiring a handset and having this utilised by our service provider. We are in the process of acquiring new handsets one of which I aim to use for this purpose.

I hope this answers all of your queries, please  do not hesitate to contact  me should you have any further enquiries



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