‘No Cycling’ signs to be returned to Spirit Quay

IMG_4426We knocked on the doors of Spirit Quay residents recently and they told us of the problems they have been having with inconsiderate cyclings zooming along the upper walkway by the ornamental canal and nearly knocking residents over.

While cycling is permitted on the lower walkway, it is prohibited along Spirit Quay but the council had persistently ignored requests to reinstate ‘No Cycling’ signs.

Finally a council officer has now been down to the area to see the problems and it has been agreed that four new signs will be erected by the end of the summer.

Dear Councillor Dockerill

Subject: Cyclists at Spirit Quay

Thank you for your enquiry regarding cyclists at Spirit Quay.

I can confirm that National Cycle Route 13 passes on the towpath on the north side of the ornamental canal and that the towpath on the south side of the canal alongside Spirit Quay is not a cycle route

The council is sorry to hear of the problems encountered by residents. An engineer has visited the site recently and identified a need for additional signage. Subsequently an order has been placed for 4 new signs prohibiting cycling and directing cyclists to use the cycle route on the other side of the canal instead. We anticipate that these signs will be in place before the end of summer.

I hope this addresses your enquiry.

Yours Sincerely,

Transport and Highways

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