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IMG_5227As I have advised the many residents getting in touch about access to the London Dock site (click to read more about it all), I would be posting the response from the Tower Hamlets planning team as soon as I received it.

I paste below the reply that came through to me at midday today. There was some confusion as to whether TH’s planners had requested the new access point or whether it had been St George, the developer. The letter below confirms that it was the TH planning team.

Just to reiterate, St George is holding a drop-in session this Thursday to discuss this issue further with local residents. I hope to attend the meeting.

The event will be held in St George’s consultation room at the eastern end of Pennington Street Warehouse between 5pm and 8pm, 26 June.

For those seeking further information, I recommend entries from two of our local bloggers, Pootling Paul and Love Wapping:

Dear Councillor Dockerill,


RE: PA/14/01493 London Dock Construction Management Plan

Thank you for your enquiry.

Planning permission was granted for the redevelopment known as London Dock in January this year. The permission was subject to conditions, one of which required the submission of a Construction and Environmental Management Plan prior to works commencing on each phase of the build.

The original application submission included a draft Construction Management Plan. This document proposed that construction traffic would use the existing shared access adjacent to Tobacco Dock. The plan proposed that construction vehicles would approach the site from the east or west along The Highway before proceeding down Artichoke Hill and then Pennington Street. Vehicles would leave via the same access, turn right onto Pennington Street, left onto Wapping Lane and back to The Highway.

During discussions about the discharge of this condition Officers asked St Georges to investigate the possibility of introducing an additional construction access from Vaughn Way. This was in response to concerns raised from businesses along Pennington Street about levels of vehicle movements and associated disturbance. The impact of vehicles on residents of Artichoke Hill also needs to be considered.

St Georges have included access from Vaughn Way in the Construction Management Plan that they have now submitted to the Council for consideration.

I would stress that to date no final decision on the acceptability of this access has been made. We are currently in the process of consulting local residents on the submission. We will also consult with Transport for London, London Buses and the Council’s own Highways and Transportation section. I have noted your comments in relation to the proposal, and can confirm that these will also be taken into account before any final decision is made on the scheme.

As you are aware St Georges are holding a drop-in session next week to allow residents the opportunity to discuss the proposals. I can advise you that a representative from the planning team will be attending this session to hear residents’ views on the proposals.

I hope this information is useful. If I can be of any further assistance please contact the Officer named at the top of this letter.

Yours sincerely,

Applications Team Leader

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