Making the walk from Shadwell DLR Safer

We know that many residents worry about the safety of the walking route from Shadwell DLR through Wapping Woods. One Prusom Street resident recently asked Julia if we could look into improving lighting around the steel bascule bridge on Garnet Street. We raised this with Tower Hamlets and have now received the reply below. A meeting is now to be held to assess whether lighting units can be installed in this area to improve lighting in that area between Wapping Woods and Shadwell Basin.

12th May 2014

REF: 1- 87232578

Dear Councillor Jones

Subject:       Lighting near Garnet Street

I refer to your enquiry concerning street lighting on Garnet Street near the steel bridge and the section of Wapping Woods leading to Shadwell Basin.

I can confirm that over recent months Wapping Woods has been upgraded to LED white light to improve visibility and safety, further improvements throughout the Borough are to be carried out.

In addition we are aware of the lighting quality on and around the steel bridge in Garnet Street but due to the design of it there are no lighting units on it at present.  We are currently reviewing how we might be able to overcome this problem without damage or other impact to the structure of the bridge.  A site meeting is due to be held within the next 3 weeks to agree an acceptable solution.  We will also look at the quality of existing lighting levels between Garnet St and Shadwell Basin.


Asset Manager Highways

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