London Dock Construction About to Begin!

ldThis news just in from St George – construction of the first phase of the London Dock development is about to begin (see below and click for their newsletter for full details – London Dock)

I’ve not yet heard any more about the possibility of a second HGV access point onto Vaughan Way but will post when I get news.

There was twitter speculation about the trimming of trees on Vaughan Way recently being a precursor to the opening of a second access point. I suspect that was actually just Tower Hamlet’s arboreal contractors who were due to cut back branches to help with the community garden by Quay 430. I’ve been trying to help residents get a date for that work to take place and it finally got going recently after a backlog of jobs that Rhodri and his tree team had to get through.

Dear Denise and Julia,

I hope you’re both well.  I am pleased to let you know that we are starting construction of the first phase of London Dock in the next few days (after site preparation works are complete) following approval of all pre-commencement planning conditions. We will be distributing a newsletter to residents on Wednesday 13 August (soft copy attached) informing them that construction is starting and outlining the main activities over the next few weeks.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

With best wishes,


Craig Carson MRTPI  
Managing Director

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  1. Love Wapping

    A quick peak at the newsletter reveals: “Creation of a new pedestrian walkway tunnel along the east side of Vaughan Way”. This one is new to me. Presumably this is for the new ‘surprise’ vehicle entrance which they forget to mention until recently? “The opening of an additional construction vehicle access on to Vaughan Way in accordance with the Construction Management Plan”

    • admin

      Mark, I was interested to read that too. I’ve already asked St George for further details, specifically whether there would be any possibility of it being expanded into a subway for the Highway. My primary concern is for pedestrian traffic coming over the Highway to the new shops and restaurants, and it would also be good to secure a subway for Wapping families taking kids to school at John Cass and English Martyrs in Aldgate.

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  3. admin

    In response to my question about the pedestrian tunnel: – ‘For clarity, the pedestrian tunnel along the east side of Vaughan Way is not permanent and is at grade. The temporary scaffold tunnel will be installed over the existing pavement along the boundary of our site with Vaughan Way to enable excavation and piling works at the western end of the site. The temporary tunnel will also act as a further means of segregating the public from high level construction works once they commence. Once the tunnel is constructed, the pedestrian footpath will remain open for duration of construction works. The temporary tunnel will be removed once construction of Building A is complete.’

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