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100-busTfL wants to change the 100 bus route, one of our major Wapping transport links, such that it terminates at the Museum of London rather than Elephant & Castle. This means that the route will no longer serve key sites such as St Paul’s, the shops at One New Change, Blackfriars station, the Southbank and Tate Gallery, and Elephant & Castle. I am encouraging all concerned residents to object to this proposal so we can get our voice heard. You may wish, of course, to set out your own reasons for objecting but I have also drafted a reply for residents to copy and paste into an email if they so wish.

Please send to the consultation address below and also copy in the Mayor of London and our Assembly Member, Unmesh Desai.

Deadline – 13 November

Full details on TfL’s website – Bus service proposal: Routes 100 and 388

Email – and copy in  and

Dear Mr Clark,

I am writing to object to your proposal to terminate the 100 bus route at the Museum of London instead of its current destination of Elephant & Castle.

I live in Wapping, a ward that is currently served by a London Overground station and two single decker buses, the D3 and 100. I urge you to drop plans to shorten the 100’s route for the following reasons:

-          The Overground station is impossible to use for those with mobility difficulties since the platform is accessible only via two very steep sets of stairs. Furthermore, at weekends the Overground is frequently closed for engineering works. The D3 route has also recently been curtailed such that it no longer serves the Isle of Dogs. Arguably, therefore, the 100 is the most important public transport route to people in Wapping since it serves two thirds of the ward, is accessible to people in wheelchairs and with prams, and takes residents to key work, shopping and leisure destinations on both sides of the river.

-          TfL is proposing to cut the 100’s route at a time when Wapping’s population is about to expand rapidly with the addition of new homes at the London Dock, and the working population is set to explode with new businesses at Royal Mint Court, London Dock and Thomas More Square. It makes absolutely no sense to cut this crucial bus route down and reduce the opportunities for these new people to access their Wapping workplace and for new London Dock residents to go to St Paul’s, Blackfriars, Southbank and Elephant & Castle, an area that is growing rapidly too.

-          Some Wapping residents have described how they use the 100 to get to outpatient appointments at Barts, and believe changing at London Wall in winter will prove particularly difficult.

-          It is proposed that passengers continue journeys to Elephant & Castle by changing to the 388 at London Wall. This is an isolated part of the City, particularly unpleasant to wait in late at night.

- The current set-up allows passengers to take bus routes like the 15 and 11 from popular night time areas such as the Strand, Covent Garden, Aldwych and Trafalgar Square, or the 8 and 25 Tottenham Court Road and Holborn, and change onto the 100 route at St Paul’s which tends to be a safe and busy area late at night. This option will effectively be removed. This would be a shame as women and older people often choose to take the bus at night times rather than the tube because it drops people closer to their Wapping homes, removing the need to walk too far alone after dark.

-          The route serves Blackfriars station which links people to Gatwick Airport and up to other Thameslink routes. The 100 runs earlier than the tube so is useful for early flights to Gatwick.

- Journey times for Wapping residents will be lengthened if they have to change and wait for a different bus at the Museum of London. This is a particular inconvenience for those with impaired mobility or with buggies. It also potentially increases the cost of a journey.

-           Wapping residents have already had services diminished this year after the D3 route was cut, making it extremely difficult to get to Asda, one of our major local low-cost supermarkets. Now TfL is threatening to curtail the most crucial bus link we have.

If Wapping had many west and southbound bus options, then we could better understand this proposed change. However our community relies on one bus route disproportionately. It is shortsighted to take it away from us at a time when our population, both residential and working, is about to expand drastically. I ask that you please think again and drop this misguided plan.

With kind regards,



From: TfL Consultations []
Sent: 30 September 2016 11:39
Subject: Proposed changes to routes 100 and 388

Dear Stakeholder

We are proposing to make some changes to bus routes 100 and 388 which would create new links and ensure a better use of bus capacity in the Elephant & Castle area.

Route 388 would be extended to Elephant & Castle using the current route 100 routeing from Wormwood Street (via London Wall, St Paul’s, and Blackfriars Bridge). At the same time, route 100 would no longer run beyond the Museum of London to and from Elephant & Castle.

Details of the proposal can be found online at:

We would like to know what you think about our plans. Please let us know your views by 13 November 2016.

Yours faithfully


Gavin Clark

Consultation Team

Transport for London

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