Improving Wapping Lane – What’s Your View?

IMG_3215We are always looking for ways to improve our area— whether clearing the canal, improving street lighting or repairing pot holes. We have a great parade of shops on Wapping Lane but we think the street itself could do with TLC.

The pavement is poorly maintained, leaving big puddles in heavy rain. We also think that the railings on either side of the zebra crossing create problems. Groups of kids often sit either side of them, which can be intimidating for passers-by to walk through. The railings also create log-jams for pedestrians, particularly around the cash points. People end up walking around them and onto the road—the very thing that the railings are designed to prevent!

In Central London, councils are removing unnecessary street furniture to improve safety and reduce clutter. We think this might be a good idea for Wapping Lane.

What do you think? Perhaps you can think of additional improvements on Wapping Lane or would prefer to keep the railings.

Whatever your view, drop us a line. If we gather together the opinions of a range of local people, we will make an approach to Tower Hamlets.P1060863

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One Response to Improving Wapping Lane – What’s Your View?

  1. Jamie Portsmouth

    I agree, it would be better if the railings were removed.

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