GP Surgery funding update – new NHS support

IMG_4662There has been a lot of concern in Tower Hamlets recently over the funding of some of our local GP practices. In Wapping that concern has centred upon the St Katharine Docks GP surgery and Julia had a meeting with two of the NHS’s primary care commissioners for our area a month or so ago to discuss the future of the surgery.

The way in which primary care is commissioned is highly complex,but basically the funding formula (called the Carr Hill formula) has been insufficiently sensitive to take into account some of the characteristics of inner London populations. In Tower Hamlets, for instance, co-morbidities in the male Asian population aged 40-45 are not always properly factored into the money given GPs to serve their patient list.

Today NHS England has committed to providing extra financial support in 2014/15 and 2015/16 to a small number of GP practices in London that serve patients in more deprived areas and which are significantly affected by recent changes to the GP funding system.

Pending the outcome of the review of the national funding formula, NHS England has identified a small number of practices across London that are most affected by GMS funding changes, serve the most deprived populations, and meet other nationally defined criteria. These practices will receive additional financial support for two years (2014/15 and 2015/16), equivalent to calculation of the funding they would have received prior to the recent GMS funding changes, while NHS England continues to review potential changes to the national funding formula.

The NHS has advised, however, that ‘We do not disclose the names, locations, or numbers of London practices affected by recent funding changes, or those in receipt of this additional financial support. Practices are of course able to identify themselves should they choose to do so.’

As such, we don’t know whether this will affect our local surgeries but hopefully this proves good news for them.

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