Getting Wapping Fixed, One Puddle at a Time

wapping laneBefore Christmas, I had managed to get some work done on the pavement outside the shops on Wapping Lane. As a result, we now have a flatter pavement around the crossing and post box that doesn’t create massive puddles when it rains. Hurray! Original article ¬†here

I asked Wapping residents to let me know if the work had fixed the flooding problem. A few days later there was an almighty rainstorm and bam! the bloomin’ pavement flooded again (albeit not in the fixed bit).

I asked the great Simon of the Clean and Green team if he could investigate and it turns out that only half the pavement got fixed. He’s since been trying to find the funding to get the second part fixed and I am very pleased to say that it has now been allocated.

I have regular meetings with Simon to make various requests for work in Wapping. One of my other regular requests is to get the bollard lighting fixed along the Ornamental Canal. Not only has Simon found the cash for the pavement but he’ll now be doing the lights too.

His email is below. Thanks, Simon!

Some good news I have managed to find some pennies to have the other half of the pavement, (Wapping Lane) by the shops, renewed to prevent the flooding of local businesses. Although one part of the pavement was raised and repaired the other half was unable to be dealt with because of the lack of funding. I am pleased to inform you that I have now arranged for the funds to be made available to undertake the works.

Thank you for your patience on this.

I am hoping that the works will be completed within the next four weeks.

In addition to this I have wrangled some money from the Street Lighting budget and the parks maintenance budget to have new lights installed in Wapping Wood by the canal.

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