First time buyer homes at London Dock

FTBBuying a place in Wapping is prohibitively expensive, as we all know. But if you’re a renter in the ward and would like the chance to own a home of your own here, you might want to take a look at the First Time Buyer brochure sent through by St George, London Dock. 28 FTB homes are up for sale, with discounted prices ranging from £152,940 to £268,160. The units are available only to people who live or work in Tower Hamlets and don’t own other property. To qualify, you also need to earn as a household a maximum of £60 780.

You then own a share of the property and the council owns the remaining share. However, unlike other shared ownership schemes, you don’t have to pay rent on the bit of the flat you don’t own. What is more, FTB flats also have access to the buildings’ facilities, including a pool and gym.

Unfortunately I was not handy enough to get this up in time for the launch weekend at the end of Feb, but their MD tells me that applications are still open. Also, remember this is just phase one – Admiral, Alexander and Clipper Wharves. More homes are in the pipeline and will start to come up when the next phase of construction begins.

St George have also sent through some info about their community fund – take a look if you have some ideas for community work in the area that need funding. They list the kinds of local projects that have already benefited.

Letter to Cllr Dockerill 26.02.16

St George_London Dock_First Time Buyer Brochure

London Dock Community Fund Report 2015 floorplan




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