Delivery Motorbikes and Takeaway Waste

P1070123I recently raised the issue of delivery bikes damaging the bridge on the Ornamental Canal and also the amount of waste being produced by takeaway outlets on the Highway. I received the response below from the council. Not enormously encouraging…I had hoped they might look again at the bridge issue, perhaps placing some bollards there so at least they’d have to slow down, as the problems have been bad enough to require the planks to be repaired recently, taking out an important pathway for residents.

Dear Councillor Dockerill

Enquiry regarding: ME – Follow Up: Waste Generated by the Fast Food Outlets on the Highway

In response to your query received on 14th October 2016 I can advise as follows;

Management for Community Safety have advised that motorcycles using the canal towpaths or speeding in the area are observations that must be reported to Police (call 101/999) directly as these are criminal matters. Management for Food Licensing teams have reviewed Residents comments and have advised that there are no licensing issues to address at the current time.

Waste related issues are already being investigated and will shortly be resolved via fixed penalty notices and/or statutory notices wherever there’s sufficient evidence to do so. Please be aware although fixed penalty notices can be issued immediately, statutory notices are subject to a 21 day notice period from date of issue. Should you wish to report commercial waste related matters directly, please email:

If I can assist further please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Steve Cox, Commercial Waste Enforcement Manager Clean, Green and Highways Services

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