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P1070098I had an enquiry from a resident recently about the expansion of car clubs in Tower Hamlets for those who cannot get parking permits or who do not wish to operate their own vehicle.

I received the response below from the council – it seems they are looking at how to roll out these kinds of schemes so that more residents can benefit, and changing some of the rules for existing users to give them greater freedom.


Dear Councillor Dockerill

Enquiry regarding: ME – DriveNow Car Club – Tower Hamlets Expansion

Thank you for your recent enquiry concerning car clubs and their operations in Tower Hamlets.

The Council recently approved a new approach to allow car club providers access to new borough wide parking permits.

We are in the process of following the set legal framework in introducing these in the near future. This new approach would give more freedom to car club members to pick up their vehicles or set them down as they wish, where they will be tracked using GPS data.

The Council works with suppliers of car clubs and we have so far have around 140 on-street parking bays. We hope to liaise with the current suppliers and seek and discuss a number of issues with them. That is their current on-street arrangements, their usage, any plans to expand onto other areas, change over parking permits and change of vehicles and their type of fuel.

We note that there is a car club on Wapping High Street No. 660 across Wapping Station, Sampson Street No. 553 Wapping High Street No. 559, St. Katherines Way No. 555, Stockholm Way No. 557 and Wapping High Street No. 562 near to the Police station.

We will raise your request with them to see if they have any plans to provide further car clubs in the Wapping area.

I trust the above information has been of assistance to you.


Parking Development & Investigations Manager

Parking, Mobility & Transport Services

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