Broadband – Why the Slow Progress?

We have been getting a lot of complaints here in central London about the provision of superfast broadband. The Mayor of London has secured £25 million from the Department for Culture, Media & Sport’s Urban Broadband Fund to support the rollout of fibre optic in the capital. However BT have been slow in upgrading the exchanges in the City and East London. Julia made representations on behalf of Wapping residents to BT’s head of customer service, Warren Buckley, pressing him on the need to upgrade the Royal Mint exchange which serves us.

2 April 2014

Dear Mr Buckley,

As you will see from the local Wapping articles I have pasted below, fellow residents share the disappointment of those in central London that no timetable for installation of superfast broadband has been kept to. Residents were assured that fibre optic would arrive by Easter but one resident has since been informed that the BT exchange in Royal Mint Street will not be upgraded until 2017. I would appreciate it if you could outline a proper timetable and advise what has been stalling progress thus far.

Many thanks,

Julia Dockerill

Wapping resident & Conservative council candidate


Dear Ms Dockerill

Thank you for your email to Warren Buckley.

Regarding the roll out of fibre in the Wapping area, I can confirm that the fibre roll out programme is commercially driven.  We’ll be adding more exchanges as the programme progresses.  My advice would be to register your interest for the product at  we’ll keep customer’s up to date about the BT Infinity rollout.   Other residents can register their interest with their Service Provider.  All this information will enable us to identify commercial demand and shape our future deployment plans.

More information about exchanges that are being upgraded to super-fast broadband can be viewed at:-

This schedule is updated quarterly as new exchanges are added.

Best wishes

Julie Howarth

Executive Level Complaints

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