Anti-Social Behaviour Update

clegg 1I speak regularly to the ward policing team to ensure that they have up-to-date information about any concerns residents have expressed to me on crime-related issues. As the weather heats up, we tend to experience more problems with anti-social behaviour and general nuisance and I have received the following reply from Sgt Jak Bentley about the particular issues around Clegg and Cinnamon Streets where groups of young men gather to drink.

It looks like Sgt Bentley may be heading off to pastures new (we do hope not!) and in the meantime, I have had a coffee with Inspector Clive Hewett who is the new head honcho for our part of the borough to familiarise him with our ward and the issues we have here. 

From Jak,

‘With regards to the issues of Cinnamon Street and surrounding areas being used by youths to gather and socialise.

We have attended and spoken to the residents, Pc McCubbin is also in email contact with them.  There are other areas around Wapping that have also seen a spike in reported anti social behaviour. The Thames path being one and the area of the Jetty at Tower wharf on the Thames path.  

These areas remain part of our dedicated patrols, though many of the calls are late in the evenings and early hours of the morning and we have amended our duties.

There is an insecure premises that is a draw to certain elements. We are making enquiries as to who owns the premises so we may task them with securing them.  We have also been provided several index numbers of vehicles using the Street to park up and cause a disturbance.

We shall be writing to the owners pointing out their vehicles have been seen in such circumstances and they will leave themselves open to having their cars seized under Sect 59 Police reform Act 2002   

We were always aware that the problems of anti social reported incidents will rise in the summer.   These issues remain a focus for us at the SNT office and will request assistance from other police units and the Tower Hamlets enforcement officers.

Hopefully between now and August we can have a face to face over a cup of coffee to discuss issues.

Speak soon and take care


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