Alterations to London Dock plans

For all Wapping planning geeks, some information about proposed changes to the London Dock plans shortly to be submitted. Pasted below is my email correspondence with London Dock MD, Craig Carson. 

From: “Craig Carson”
Sent: 14 Oct 2014 19:22
To: “Julia Dockerill”
Subject: RE: London Dock

Dear Julia,
Thank you for your email.
I attach the information which we shared with the neighbours. This is
available on our website which can be accessed from here:

Through a detailed review of the structure it has been possible to
introduce an additional storey to Building C without increasing the overall
height of the building. Through this, together with a refinement of the
mix, we are able to accommodate a further 85 homes in Building C. This
does not increase the number of homes beyond the 1,800 already approved as
it is achieved through a redistribution of homes between the outline and
detailed components of planning permission. This is not uncommon in the
delivery of a development of this scale and particularly one of which has
been approved as part detail/ part outline (hybrid).
With best wishes,
Craig Carson MRTPI

St George City Limited

From: Julia Dockerill

Sent: 10 October 2014 15:23

To: Craig Carson
Subject: RE: London Dock
Dear Craig,
Thanks for letting me know about this. Do you have any slides (such as
those you would’ve shown the residents at your event) that would allow me
visually to understand what impact these changes will have? 85 additional
homes is quite a number to have found room for so keen to know how it’s
being achieved! Ideally I’d be able to share the slides on my website.

Very best wishes,
Cllr Julia Dockerill

From: Craig Carson
Sent: 09 October 2014 15:30
To: Julia Dockerill; Denise Jones
Subject: London Dock
Dear Julia and Denise,
I hope you’re both well. I am writing to let you know that we will shortly
submit a Section 73 minor amendment planning application for some design
refinements to Building C. With construction starting on the first phase
of London Dock, we have taken the opportunity to review and enhance the
detailed designs of the next phase (Building C). We propose to make the
following minor revisions:
&#0;. Refine the angle of the façade for C1, which will set Building
C1 back 1.5 metres from existing properties to the south

&#0;. Step back the south facing terraces on Building C2 and C3 to
improve the profile of the building

&#0;. Replace the winter gardens with balconies, to improve the
amenity space for residents

&#0;. Revise the layout and mix of the apartments, which will enable
the provision of approximately 85 additional homes in Building C

&#0;. Introduce a glazed retail space facing Gauging Square
We held a drop-in event in late September for our immediate neighbours
where we provided an update on demolition, construction and the changes
outlined above. This was attended by approximately 25 local residents who
raised no significant concerns with the proposals. The Council will also
be conducting their own consultation following submission.
If you have any queries, please don’t hesitate to contact me.
With best wishes,


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