20mph Limit Zone Expands in Tower Hamlets

We’ve just had a notice from the council to advise us that they are having an experimental roll-out of 20mph speed limits across the borough, starting from 13 April 2015. We already have a 20mph zone in Wapping but drivers should be aware that other roads beyond our ward in Tower Hamlets are likely now to be affected. It says that TfL roads (of which the Highway is one) will not be affected.  Details below.

Local authorities have an obligation to manage and improve road safety and to this end London Borough Councils are increasingly bringing forward the application of 20mph zones to help moderate the speed of motor vehicles and reduce accident rates. 

Tower Hamlets Council seeks to address safety whilst dealing with increasing traffic volumes, increased use of cycling as a mode of transport, increased population and pedestrian levels and increasing amounts of commercial haulage during a period of unprecedented public sector spending reductions. 

Therefore in order to maintain the focus on safety, the Council considers that it is necessary to introduce a Borough wide 20mph speed limit. However, other than Commercial Street, the Transport for London Road Network would not be included. 

By implementing the limit the Council will introduce a consistent approach to managing vehicle speeds across the Borough, which will integrate with neighbouring boroughs who have or are planning to, implement their own similar speed limit scheme. 

Analysis has concluded that a borough wide 20mph speed limit on all roads within the Borough will help to make the roads safer for all road users, leading to reduced numbers of road traffic collisions involving traffic and pedestrians. This will have a positive impact on all local people, with particularly positive impacts on certain age groups – children, teenagers and the elderly and ethnic groups. Vulnerable road users such as pedestrians and cyclists will particularly benefit from this initiative. 

In order to monitor the scheme effectively and make any changes quickly should it be deemed necessary, the Council has decided to implement the scheme by way of a section 9 Experimental Traffic Order in the first instance, which has a maximum life of 18 months. If the scheme proves to be successful, the Council will consider making it indefinite by way of a permanent section 6 Traffic Order.


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