Register your objection to 173 housing units at Island Point, Westferry Road

As you may be aware, Tower Hamlets Council’s top planning committee voted in June to reject plans to build a 75-storey tower on the site of the City Pride pub near Canary Wharf, which would also have seen 173 housing units at the Island Point site on Westferry Road. However, due to a technicality, the proposal came back before the committee on 18 July.

The second meeting was arranged for 5.30pm rather than the usual time of 7.30pm, and one councillor who had voted against the application first time round was not able to make this meeting.

As a result, the voting on the development in the second meeting was 4-2. The councillors voting for building the 75-storey tower were:


·         Cllr Helal Uddin Abbas (Labour, Spitalfields & Banglatown ward)

·         Cllr Kabir Ahmed (Independent, Weavers ward)

·         Cllr Marc Francis (Labour, Bow East ward)

·         Cllr Mohammed Maium Miah (Independent, Millwall ward)

Both the Conservative councillors sitting on the committee voted against building this development.

We think it is outrageous councillors from Bethnal Green or Bow can vote to build yet more housing here on our doorstep. But it is unbelievable, and a betrayal of local people, that Cllr Mohammed Maium Miah, who was elected by the people of Millwall to stand up against over-development of our area, should vote to put yet another inappropriate development on Westferry Road.

Your Conservative team oppose all attempts to over-develop our area. The infrastructure here is bursting at the seams. Our schools, doctors’ surgeries, buses and the DLR – all are struggling to cope with more and more people on the Isle of Dogs. This development, if built, would mean nearly 200 extra housing units dumped in our area, and many hundreds more people choking up our resources.

Tower Hamlets’ planning committee’s decision however is not the final say. These outrageous proposals clearly contravene the London Plan and the local development framework and can be called in by the Greater London Authority – but only if you make sure your voice is heard.

We have written to the GLA and we urge you to do so too. Some of the issues we have highlighted include:

·         Height and scale – the proposed development at City Pride is only 7 metres shorter than the iconic One Canada Square tower at the centre of Canary Wharf.  Existing Council planning policy states that buildings in the Canary Wharf area must ‘step down’ in height from the tall towers in. Plainly, a scheme which is only 7 metres shorter than One Canada Square does not ‘step down’, and is out of context and inappropriate in its immediate surroundings.

·         Density – the proposed scheme is 5 times more dense than the maximum density recommended in the London Plan for such sites.  This constitutes gross over-development.

·         Lack of public open space – the application contravenes the Council’s planning policy in terms of the amount of public open space that should be delivered.  The scheme would deliver less than 2% of the additional public open space that is required to accommodate all of the new residents moving into the area as a result of this development.

·         The plan as it stands concentrates all of the private housing at City Pride, and all of the social housing at Island Point. This goes against both Tower Hamlets and London-wide planning policy. Councillors agreed that it was undesirable to concentrate types of housing together – then Labour and Independent councillors voted for it anyway.

·         No consideration has been given to whether the Island Point site could be used for a badly-needed primary or secondary school on the Island. It is one of the few remaining suitable sites in our local area.

The address to send your comments to is:

Mayor Boris Johnson, City Hall, The Queen’s Walk, London SE1 2AA

Or by email to: and copy in

We will of course pass on any comments we receive.

Please make sure you have your say as soon as possible on this blatant over-development of our local area.

And remember – only the Conservatives are standing up for Isle of Dogs residents against Labour and Independent/Respect over-development of our area.

Yours sincerely,

Cllr Peter Golds

Cllr David Snowdon

Cllr Gloria Thienel

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