Rahman’s taxi scandal carries on

Your local Conservative councillors have once more slammed the Respect-backed Mayor of Tower Hamlets and his administration – after details came out of how they’ve splashed yet more council taxpayers’ money on taxi fares around the borough.

In our last In Touch leaflet, we gave you details of how Rahman and his Cabinet colleagues Cllr Abdul Asad, Ohid Ahmed, Oliur Rahman, Rabina Khan, Alibor Choudhury and Rania Khan spent £7,500 of taxpayers’ money up to June 2012 on taxis around the borough. But new figures show that they continued to splash thousands more in the second half of last year – £1,200 in five months, costing YOU an average £22 each journey.

Conservative councillor, Cllr Gloria Thienel said “Lutfur Rahman and his cronies really do have no shame. These figures just show how they are carrying on squandering council money on journeys to and from their homes or places of work to the Town Hall – journeys that could have been made by bus, DLR or tube or even on foot, the way thousands of residents of the borough travel each day.

This comes on top of Rahman using a little-known rule to make the Council spend hundreds of thousands of pounds on more advisors for his private office and keeping his propaganda newspaper East End Life going. The waste and misuse of public money by Lutfur Rahman is on an industrial scale.

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