Rahman’s clean streets claim – what a load of rubbish!

Your local Conservative councillors have slammed Respect-backed Mayor Lutfur Rahman’s claims that our streets are clean – and have called for better street cleaning and an end to bulk waste charges.

Conservative councillor for Blackwall & Cubitt Town Cllr Peter Golds said “Lutfur Rahman commissioned a pointless survey that said 98% of our streets were clean – what a load of old rubbish! Anyone who walks round our area can see bin bags, abandoned mattresses and dog mess littering our streets.”

Conservative councillor for Limehouse Cllr Craig Aston added “If Lutfur Rahman was serious about wanting to clean up our streets, he wouldn’t be charging residents £15 a time to get rid of bulky waste and over £100 for pest control. Your Conservative councillors proposed getting rid of these charges in the recent budget, paid for by cutting the size of Rahman’s office – but Labour and Respect joined forces to vote down this Conservative plan.

“The inevitable result of this will be plain to everyone – fly-tipping, rubbish and rats on our streets.”

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