Our plans for more police and a council tax cut – rejected by Labour and Respect

Your Conservative councillors would have put more police on our streets, fixed potholes in our roads, got rid of Mayoral perks and propaganda and delivered a council tax cut – but our plans were defeated by a coalition of Labour, Respect and so-called Independent councillors.

The Conservative plans, unveiled at this year’s Tower Hamlets Council budget-setting meeting, would have balanced the books at the Town Hall, cutting waste while investing in front-line services. But the decision of Labour, Respect and Mayor Lutfur Rahman will leave the Council with a £94 million hole in its reserves by 2017.

Conservative leader at the Town Hall, Cllr Peter Golds said “The Mayor’s budget leaves Tower Hamlets with an enormous financial black hole to fund pre-election giveaways and Mayor Lutfur Rahman’s ever-larger army of ‘advisors’. Your Conservative councillors proposed a series of costed amendments which would have got rid of this enormous waste.

“It’s clear Labour and Respect are out of touch with the real needs of the people of Tower Hamlets. Only the Conservatives focus on what matters.”

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