Mayor shores up fading support

It came as little surprise on discovering that among the millions of pounds of taxpayer money being handed out in grants by Tower Hamlets, £64,000 was heading for Unite, Europe’s wealthiest trade union.

Unite maintains a political fund of millions and has been involved in a series of disputes over the selection of parliamentary candidates for the Labour Party.

The union itself commissioned an internal poll to establish how their members voted.

The result was that 45% voted Labour and 55% voted elsewhere. In fact, the Conservatives, Liberal Democrats and indeed Ukip all have a base of support among members.

In the 2010 general election Unite members favoured Labour over the Conservatives by just 12% points.

So where does Mayor Lutfur Rahman fit into this?

He has the support of two known political parties. Firstly there is Respect, who at the beginning of this week had seven councillors nationwide.

The party’s entire group on Bradford City Council have resigned from the party, leaving just the two Tower Hamlets members as their last resort.

Secondly there is the Trotskyite Socialist Workers Party, a fringe organisation which has smaller polling numbers than those saying they have met an alien.

With this kind of support we can understand why we see so much publicly funded propaganda on behalf of the Tower Hamlets Mayor.

- Peter Golds is a Conservative councillor for Blackwall & Cubitt Town

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