Island Gardens building plans – withdrawn

The threat of development on Island Gardens park has been defeated – thanks to your Isle of Dogs Conservative councillors and objections from residents across the Island.

In our last In Touch we kept you informed about a proposal to build a community centre in a Portakabin on this historic park, risking damaging the view of Greenwich Hospital across the river. Following action from your local Conservative councillors and the setting up of the Friends of Island Gardens, the plans have been withdrawn.

But the risk to local parks has not been defeated. Respect-backed Mayor, Lutfur Rahman, has implemented a commercialisation strategy for parks which has resulted in commercial events being held in Sir John McDougall Gardens and Millwall Park.

Commenting, Conservative councillor for Cubitt Town Cllr Gloria Thienel said “I am delighted the developers have seen sense and withdrawn their plan to build a Portakabin on our park.”

“Rahman’s plans to commercialise our parks have led to tents and marquees on Sir John McDougall Gardens off Westferry Road, and now proposals to build on our historic Island Gardens park.

“It is the Labour-dominated Tower Hamlets Development Committee that would have finally decided on this.

“Residents know our parks are not safe with Labour or the Respect-backed Mayor. Only local Conservatives are standing up for our borough’s green lungs.”

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