Fighting Overdevelopment in Tower Hamlets

Tower Hamlets Council is planning to build a whopping 43,170 new properties in Tower Hamlets by 2025 according to its latest Core Strategy document.

“The Council simply can not allow development at this break-neck speed without investing in schools, doctors surgeries and public transport infrastructure” says local Conservative councillor Cllr Emma Jones, “But Tower Hamlets Council is simply not doing enough. It is not driving a hard enough bargain with developers who are charging ever higher prices for flats, but delivering little in the way of benefits to the existing community”.

To make matters worse Mayor Lutfur Rahman is squandering money available for investment on vanity projects. He wastes £3.2 million a year on communications, including his own newspaper, while squandering £500,000 a year on “mayoral advisors”, who replicate jobs done elsewhere in the council.

With the Council paying so little attention to future community needs, even its own optimistic forecasts are forced to admit that over the next decade there will be 14,000 more children living in the borough. Based on current investment plans, school places will be nearly 20% over-subscribed in ten years time. Already, the Council is spending £1 million a year bussing young children across our Borough, to whichever school happens to have a free place.

How high will these costs rise as the council falls increasingly behind on new school places?

Councillor Jones adds “The pressure on local services as a result of more and more new developments is stretching them to breaking point. We urgently need new infrastructure in Wapping before any more development.”

Councillor Emma Jones and her team are determined that the Council will not destroy our local area. “We’ve had some big successes”, says Emma, “A number of applications have been rejected. But we must be wary of Labour/Independent plans to build more tower blocks over our area, such as at the News International Site.”

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