City Pride development plans – put on hold

Proposals to build a 75-storey tower block on the City Pride site at Westferry Road were REJECTED on June 13 by Tower Hamlets Council’s top planning committee.

The plans, for nearly 1000 housing units, were thrown out by the Strategic Development Committee after Isle of Dogs Conservative councillor Cllr Peter Golds argued against it—pointing out how it exceeded density guidelines by five times.

But there was consternation as the Respect-backed Independent councillor for Millwall, Cllr Mohammed Miah, who sits on the committee, voted FOR the proposals.

Conservative councillor for Millwall, Cllr David Snowdon said “This application was just yet another inappropriate development taking no account of local infrastructure or the impact it would have had on our schools and roads. Residents were also concerned about the impact this would have had on our open spaces, and the housing mix of the proposed development.

“Cllr Mohammed Miah was elected by the people of Millwall to stand up against over-development of our area. Yet here he is trying to get another massive skyscraper built on Westferry Road.

“Residents know that local Conservatives are here to stand up for local residents against massive development putting pressure on our services. Clearly Millwall’s Independent councillor thinks differently.”

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