Wapping Wall Conservation Area


The north eastern banks of the Thames have historically provided perfect conditions for shipping docks and by the sixteenth century, both north and south of the river were lined with wharves that served merchants and a burgeoning ship-building industry. In the 1800s, the narrow plots of land along the river front were amalgamated to allow for big modern warehouses to be built which sat atop river walls that had originally been built to protect inland marshes from the tidal flow of the Thames.

Wapping Wall traces the eastern part of the riverside in our ward and in 1983, the area was designated a conservation area by the London Docklands Development Corporation. Today it is a characterful and much-loved part of London, comprised of converted warehouses, the Prospect of Whitby pub, the old hydraulic pumping station and Shadwell Dock. There are also a number of great local businesses in this area including wine bars, cafes and restaurants, as well as St Peter’s primary school.

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