Town Hall Waste

  • Local Conservatives exposed the scandal of Tower Hamlets Mayor Lutfur Rahman and his cronies taking taxis and charging you the bill. In only 24 months Rahman’s cronies charged you £8,000 for taxi fares, while Rahman charges £50,000 a year for a chauffeur and car. Local Conservative councillor Cllr Dr Emma Jones says “While everyone else in the borough takes buses and the DLR, the Mayor swans around in a chauffeur-driven car. Only a Conservative administration will stop this abuse of taxpayers money.”
  • Figures unveiled by local Conservatives show £3.2 million is blown annually in Tower Hamlets on publicity like East End Life — over £1 million more than any other London borough. Wapping Conservative campaigner, Neil King says “This waste of taxpayers’ money on propaganda has become an abuse. We pay so that Lutfur Rahman can have pictures of himself pushed weekly through our doors. Only the Conservatives are fighting to end this.”

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