More Road Closures – the Highway to shut for Tour de France

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Tour de FranceWe have just been sent the email below from TfL notifying us that the Highway is going to be shut yet again, this time for the Tour de France. We know that fellow Wapping residents are getting pretty frustrated by the number of events being held that block access to Wapping and modify crucial bus routes. It is something Cllr Emma Jones raised with Tower Hamlets only a few weeks ago.

Local campaigner, Julia Dockerill, has also responded to the Tour de France notice. Her email is also below.

From: Road Events Engagement
Sent: 25 March 2014 17:09
Subject: Information from TfL regarding Tour de France – Monday 7 July

Dear Stakeholder,

As you may know, the Tour de France is coming to London on Monday 7 July. Read more

Congratulations, Chris! Wilford for Mayor!

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On 23 February, Chris Wilford was selected by Poplar & Limehouse and Bethnal Green & Bow Conservative Associations to be their Mayoral candidate for the London Borough of Tower Hamlets 2014 Mayoral election. Chris lives in Bow, and currently works in public policy for a leading international body. Previously, Chris has worked as a recruitment consultant in the financial services, placing candidates from new graduates to global directors. Before this, he worked on education projects for both the British Council and the House of Lords.After his selection, Chris said “Like so many others from around the world I have made Tower Hamlets my home. This is a great place to live, with its history, diversity, and dynamism. We are privileged to live here as we go about our business amidst the hustle and bustle of one of the world’s great cities.“Yet there is one shadow that looms large – Mayor Lutfur Rahman. We are all familiar with his expenses, his taxis, and not least his photograph. And I for one tired of the stories of cronyism and waste whilst our borough faces up to some of the most significant challenges in the country in areas such as child poverty and unemployment. Read more

Crime update – be vigilant in Wapping Woods

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Wapping residents should be aware that there has recently been a spate of muggings in Wapping Woods. Cllr Emma Jones helped with efforts to cut back the trees, install CCTV and improve safety in the area last year so it is sad to hear of these problems. We encourage everyone to stay alert.

Local Conservative activist, Neil King, attended the recent meeting at Studio Spaces to discuss problems on Pennington Street with illegal raves and other crime. A trained barrister, Neil suggested a number of legal avenues the council might pursue over nuisance behaviour. Inspector Ryan Francis encourages all residents to report, not ignore, any incidents, including anti-social behaviour. Currently the number of incidents reported in our ward is very low, pushing us down the priority list. Read more

Improving Wapping Lane – What’s Your View?

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IMG_3215We are always looking for ways to improve our area— whether clearing the canal, improving street lighting or repairing pot holes. We have a great parade of shops on Wapping Lane but we think the street itself could do with TLC.

The pavement is poorly maintained, leaving big puddles in heavy rain. We also think that the railings on either side of the zebra crossing create problems. Groups of kids often sit either side of them, which can be intimidating for passers-by to walk through. The railings also create log-jams for pedestrians, particularly around the cash points. People end up walking around them and onto the road—the very thing that the railings are designed to prevent! Read more

Wapping surgeries in Bethnal Green? Thanks Cllr Haque!

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Anyone wishing to see Wapping councillor, Shafiqul Haque, can now find him hanging out on the Roman Road, Bethnal Green, where he has decided to hold his surgeries—a half-hour bus ride away from Wapping.

Cllr Haque was elected in 2010 after standing as a Labour candidate. But he got booted out of the Labour Party two years later and is now one of Mayor Lutfur Rahman’s sidekicks.

This quality of service was probably not what was envisaged by the Wapping residents who crossed the Labour candidate’s box four years ago.

Put London Dock cash into Wapping not Whitechapel!

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IMG_4235With the massive News International site in Wapping set for redevelopment, our ward is in the midst of huge change. Over the next fifteen years, 1800 homes, a secondary school and 20 000 square metres of commercial space will be built in a new quarter dubbed ‘London Dock’.

In January, this was approved by the votes Labour members and the Lutfur Rahman supporters. Both Conservative members of the committee spoke and voted against the application—while we support the regeneration of this corner of our ward, particularly plans to bring heritage sites like the Pennington Street warehouse to life, there are too many unanswered questions. Read more

Making Wapping Better, One Mattress at a Time!

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photo (1)
Anyone noticed how many mattresses get dumped on London’s streets every week? Tower Hamlets council asks for £15 to collect bulky items but East London seems to have an endless supply of feckless futons that cost us all money to clear up if dumped anonymously. The details of how to get rid of such items are pasted below. In the meantime, if you spot any of the offending articles, take a picture and send it to us with the location and we will get our council team onto it, just like we did with this mattress in Inglefield Square.

Read more

Latest Newsletter Coming Out

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photoWe are currently distributing the latest newsletter from your Conservative Action Team around the ward and you may have seen us out and about at the weekend and weekday evenings.

We hope to distribute a newsletter to every household but this isn’t always easy given the number of gated developments in our area. If you didn’t manage to catch one, please do take a look online using the link below.

Thanks to all the friends and family members who came out to help. It’s always great to get around every corner of the ward and, as always, we’ve reported any problems we have spotted to Tower Hamlets, including dumped rubbish and wobbly paving slabs.

If you would like to help with leaflet distribution in future, even if it’s just within your building, do drop us a line!

2014-01_SKW_20_Things – 20140119 (2)

photo (2)  photo (3)

Wapping Conservatives website coming soon.

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We are currently building our very first ward website. We hope it will become a helpful resource for everyone in the community and a good way of learning more about what’s going on in our area.

Please be patient while we put everything together. The site will evolve over time, with more detailed information and new photographs coming soon.

Best wishes,


Fighting Overdevelopment in Tower Hamlets

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Tower Hamlets Council is planning to build a whopping 43,170 new properties in Tower Hamlets by 2025 according to its latest Core Strategy document.

“The Council simply can not allow development at this break-neck speed without investing in schools, doctors surgeries and public transport infrastructure” says local Conservative councillor Cllr Emma Jones, “But Tower Hamlets Council is simply not doing enough. It is not driving a hard enough bargain with developers who are charging ever higher prices for flats, but delivering little in the way of benefits to the existing community”.

To make matters worse Mayor Lutfur Rahman is squandering money available for investment on vanity projects. He wastes £3.2 million a year on communications, including his own newspaper, while squandering £500,000 a year on “mayoral advisors”, who replicate jobs done elsewhere in the council.

With the Council paying so little attention to future community needs, even its own optimistic forecasts are forced to admit that over the next decade there will be 14,000 more children living in the borough. Based on current investment plans, school places will be nearly 20% over-subscribed in ten years time. Already, the Council is spending £1 million a year bussing young children across our Borough, to whichever school happens to have a free place.

How high will these costs rise as the council falls increasingly behind on new school places?

Councillor Jones adds “The pressure on local services as a result of more and more new developments is stretching them to breaking point. We urgently need new infrastructure in Wapping before any more development.”

Councillor Emma Jones and her team are determined that the Council will not destroy our local area. “We’ve had some big successes”, says Emma, “A number of applications have been rejected. But we must be wary of Labour/Independent plans to build more tower blocks over our area, such as at the News International Site.”