Latest Planning Applications for Our Ward

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Latest planning applications for our ward are listed below: Read more

Good news on Lighting but Bad News on the Bridge

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P1060926When I was door-knocking, I was asked by a Garnet Street resident if I could do anything to improve pedestrian safety for those walking through Wapping Woods on their way from Shadwell DLR.

I made some enquiries with the council and was told a site meeting would be held to improve the lighting between Wapping Woods and Shadwell Basin. It all then went a bit quiet so I’ve chased the matter up and received the response below. Success! We are to get two new street lighting columns, to be installed in the next fortnight.

While I had their attention, I also asked whether they’d give a lick of paint to the bascule bridge on Garnet Street, whose state of disrepair had been raised as a gripe by several residents. The answer on this one wasn’t quite as Read more

Tree felling, London Dock

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IMG_5369This through today from Craig Carson of London Dock development:

Dear Julia,

You will be aware that there has been some local interest in the removal of the trees on the eastern side of Vaughan Way to facilitate construction of London Dock. These will be removed in the next few days and we are posting the following statement on our website.

With best wishes,


London Dock Commencement

The planning permission for London Dock, granted in March 2014, includes the removal of trees on the London Dock boundary along the east side of Vaughan Way.  St George is now starting construction of the development and, in accordance with the planning permission, the trees are to be removed in order to enable construction to commence. Read more

Events at Studio Spaces

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P1060900I have had a couple of emails from Pennington Street residents about a series of dance events being hosted by local business, Studio Spaces, this autumn.

When I got wind of the events schedule, posted online a week or two ago, I wanted to see how the first event was being run so walked past it (incognito) at both 8.30pm and around midnight. I also drove past on Saturday night and there seemed to be no trouble. There were friendly marshals on both ends of Pennington Street, and the atmosphere was in no way tense or unpleasant.

Nevertheless, I asked to meet Yuval, the owner of Studio Spaces, on Friday to discuss his plans for the business and to build a good working relationship in case I got any concerned emails from residents.

Yuval advised me that they have five members of the security team whose job it is to ensure that all guests are directed down the non-residential streets so that neighbours are not disturbed. He also advised me that he sent information to nearby residents with a telephone number to call on the night to report any problems and also contact details if any residents wished to discuss their concerns at any other time. Read more

Latest Planning Applications

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Here is a list of the latest planning applications for our ward. Note the first, which is an upgrade to the Vodafone mobile mast on Vaughan Way. I had a letter on this from Clarke Telecome which explains it is to improve Vodafone’s 2G and 3G coverage in this area. ‘The existing 17.5m high Jupiter 830 shared street pole to be removed and replaced with proposed 17.5m dual height antenna column on existing root foundation; to add 3 new Vodafone antennas; 3 existing TEF antennas removed and replaced with 3 new antenna; proposed VF cabinets on a concrete base black in colour; proposed future cabinet position for 4G roll out; ancillary equipment thereto.’ Read more

Vaughan Way HGV Access Granted

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grantedJust to let everyone know that permission has been granted to open up a second access point on Vaughan Way to the London Dock site. I did make representations on behalf of all those who had raised concerns with me as part of the council’s consultation on the matter. I also raised my worries about the amount of construction traffic using that very busy junction with the Highway now that councillors have voted in favour of the demolition of the Topps Tiles building and its replacement with a new residential block.  Read more

London Dock Construction About to Begin!

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ldThis news just in from St George – construction of the first phase of the London Dock development is about to begin (see below and click for their newsletter for full details – London Dock)

I’ve not yet heard any more about the possibility of a second HGV access point onto Vaughan Way but will post when I get news.

There was twitter speculation about the trimming of trees on Vaughan Way recently being a precursor to the opening of a second access point. I suspect that was actually just Tower Hamlet’s arboreal contractors Read more

GP Surgery funding update – new NHS support

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IMG_4662There has been a lot of concern in Tower Hamlets recently over the funding of some of our local GP practices. In Wapping that concern has centred upon the St Katharine Docks GP surgery and Julia had a meeting with two of the NHS’s primary care commissioners for our area a month or so ago to discuss the future of the surgery.

The way in which primary care is commissioned is highly complex,but basically the funding formula (called the Carr Hill formula) has been insufficiently sensitive to take into account some of the characteristics of inner London populations. In Tower Hamlets, for instance, co-morbidities in the male Asian population aged 40-45 are not always properly factored into the money given GPs to serve their patient list.

Today NHS England has committed to providing extra financial support in 2014/15 and 2015/16 to a small number of GP practices in London that serve patients in more deprived areas and which are significantly affected by recent changes to the GP funding system. Read more

Road Closures Keep Cutting Us Off!

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highwayI know how irritated Wapping residents get when our village gets cut off by events which utilise the Highway. I again complained to TfL and suggested that on some occasions, they use Cable Street since we’re uniquely cut off when the Highway is closed.

I received the reply below. They are going to get back to me…! I also asked for a list of forthcoming road closures and it seems that only the marathon is so far pencilled in for the Highway next year – 26 April 2015.

Read more

100 Bus Diversion

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I’ve just had the following email from TfL. It seems the 100 bus which serves Wapping will not be stopping at Tower Hill, Tower Gateway or St Katharine Docks from Monday to allow for gas works at Aldgate. I must admit this is the first I’ve heard of this and am surprised to hear the diversion could potentially last over a year. Read more