Red Lion Court – the Developer’s Say

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Further to my earlier articles on Red Lion Court, I paste below correspondence with the developer so that residents can see their position.

Dear Julia

Thank you again for getting in touch with us about the concerns you have heard from local residents regarding Red Lion Court. We agree with your suggestion that more information should be provided to you so Paul (Knightsbridge Capital) has provided an initial statement, below. I would appreciate it if you could post the statement on your blog so that you can signpost any others with concerns to your website. Read more

Red Lion Court

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P1070035I recently posted on this site information about plans to redevelop Red Lion Court, the old warehouse on Reardon Path near Il Bordello. To read more click

The developers held a consultation event to speak to local people about the plans a week or so ago. Following that consultation, a few people got in touch with me to ask questions about the redevelopment, particularly with regard to the developer’s argument that it is not feasible to retain any of the existing building and the subsequent loss of heritage in Wapping.

I therefore wrote to the Planning Department to get clarification on a few things. Residents should note below that any decision on whether to grant permission will be delegated i.e. not voted on at planning committee but decided instead by officers. That is unless the council receives twenty or more letters of support or objection on the application. The planning application has not yet been formally submitted but when it is, residents with concerns might therefore wish to make their own, formal representations to the council. Read more

John Orwell Centre – Bushes Being Cleared

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P1060878A few people have been in touch after noticing that the bushes behind the John Orwell Centre were being cleared. ‘What was Tower Hamlets up to?’, everyone wondered.

I’ve asked and have just received the response below. Nothing sinister is going on, it seems, but I’ve taken Lisa up on her kind offer to meet and will be visiting the centre in a couple of weeks’ time to learn more about their plans for the future.  Read more

Alterations to London Dock plans

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For all Wapping planning geeks, some information about proposed changes to the London Dock plans shortly to be submitted. Pasted below is my email correspondence with London Dock MD, Craig Carson.  Read more

Welcoming new citizens to Tower Hamlets

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imageOn Thursday I had the honour of being the Tower Hamlets community representative at our borough’s latest British citizenship ceremony. This ceremony is the final step that new British citizens take once they have been accepted by the Home Office for naturalisation. It is a celebratory event at which new citizens swear an oath of allegiance to the Queen and receive their certificates of naturalisation in front of friends and family. I made the following speech to welcome the new citizens, my first public speaking event as a new councillor. It includes a potted history of the borough which residents might enjoy reading. Read more

Food stalls by Waitrose

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Land Securities have just emailed with an update on the food stalls that will be operating outside Waitrose over the next few months if any residents fancy a tasty snack or lunch. They said they want to continue to support the stalls during the winter as this is their quiet season. Here’s the schedule: Read more

Consultation Event on Red Lion Court

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P1070035UPDATE 10 October 2014:

Yesterday the developers of Red Lion Court held a consultation event at St Patrick’s to show residents their plans for the Reardon Path site. I was one of fifty residents who turned up to see the plans and discuss their views. I think they were surprised by the impressive turnout but we all know what Wapping’s like! The developer himself, as well as two of his team, used to live in Wapping until very recently so they know the area well.

I asked if they could share with me their display boards for anyone who didn’t get the chance to attend the event and you can now view them using the link below.

PPS – Red Lion Court Pull-up Boards – FINAL

If anyone has any questions, I am happy to pass them on to the developer. Our resident Wapping planning blogger, Pootling Paul, has also provided a useful summary of the plans.

There will be 26 new dwellings in a building six storeys high. In terms of affordable housing, the developer has asked Tower Hamlets if they can make an off-site contribution but I believe these matters are still in discussion. Of note, none of the old warehouse façade is to be retained. I have included pictures of this below from one of my walks out with the camera.


I have been contacted this week by the developers who have bought the site of the derelict and partially demolished Red Lion Court warehouse on Reardon Path. They are keen to brief me and other residents on their emerging proposals for a new residential development there. I shall be meeting them for coffee shortly but they are also hosting a public consultation event on Thursday 9th October at St. Patrick’s Church, 3.30-7.30pm.

Prior to their ownership the site had previously been granted planning consent for a residential development. However, these proposals were not completed. They think that this offers an opportunity to complete the development by revisiting the design and providing a high quality, contemporary scheme that will enhance the Conservation Area. Read more

Thomas More Square Plans

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thomas moreOn Friday Land Securities held an open day for Wapping residents to discuss their plans to revamp Thomas More Square. I asked for a pdf of their presentation boards so that I could share them with other residents. Also in the pdf are details of all the project managers in case residents need to report any concerns about the development during construction.

The Thomas More Square project comprises refurbishment and upgrading works to four buildings. The works include the refurbishment of office space to CAT A standard; the refurbishment of WCs; office to retail space conversions; façade extensions; the installation of gas supplies; additional cycle parking with ancillary shower and changing facilities; extensive public realm improvements; replacement of plant to provide a 10 year life for incoming tenants; and the installation of roof-top plant screening.

Pdf of the plans – TMS Development Infomation

Wapping Road Improvements

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P1070001Given that there’s still a big dip in the road on Wapping Wall, I asked for an update on carriageway improvements to restore the setts along the Wall, High Street and St Katharine’s Way. I received the reply below. The issue with Wapping Wall seems to be the collapse of a BT inspection chamber, due to be repaired in the next couple of weeks.

9th September 2014

Dear Councillor Dockerill

Subject: Wapping Wall Carriageway Reinstatement Works.

I refer to your enquiry regarding the Wapping High Street and Wapping Wall carriageway reinstatement works. Read more

Ornamental Canal

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IMG_7193A couple of weeks ago I met with Michael and Matthew of Tower Hamlets’ Clean & Green team to conduct a walkabout of Wapping’s Ornamental Canal as I had received a few complaints about its maintenance from residents. On that walkabout I reported graffiti, greenery that needed trimming back and complaints about the bollard lighting not working. I met Wapping wader, Chris, and his team mate (Paul, I think?) who clean the canal daily of Canadian pond weed and other detritus. I also had the chance to meet the Wapping swan family (Chris calls the mother Gertrude!) who were in the middle of giving the cygnets a flying lesson.

I asked Michael for a written account of what the council does to maintain the canal as a follow-up to our meeting so that residents can understand why to expect from Tower Hamlets and what progress is being made on issues like the bollard lighting. I paste below the information he has provided. This includes a full account of what happened to the pumps on the canal after they broke, and an outline of the cleaning contract in place for maintenance of the canal. Read more