Wapping Market

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Wapping-Market-Stalls-4Last summer we had the pleasure in Wapping of a new food market held every Sunday, organised by Brockley Market, on the Brussels Wharf site. Unfortunately there’s been no sign of it so far this year and there has been twitter speculation about whether it was due to a delay in the council’s market licensing system or some other such bureaucracy.

I made some enquiries with officers and was told informally that the problem was not the council and they weren’t aware of any barriers that had been put up to the continuation of the market. I shared that info on twitter but I also asked for a formal response as well and just wanted to share the below with residents, received last week, which took a bit of time to extract from the relevant team at Tower Hamlets.


Dear Cllr Dockerill,

I can confirm that the problem does not lie with the Council and we would have been happy to have the market back. Previously the Brockley Market manager had indicated he would like to start again June 2015 after closing for the winter but then came back and stated he had lost a key member of staff and did not have the capacity to operate the market in Wapping for the time being. I hope this clarifies the situation. Read more

Consultation for Clegg/Cinnamon/Wapping High St Plans

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For everyone’s information, an email I was sent this week from the developer of the Clegg/Cinnamon/High St sites. Consultation event next weekend. I’ve written about this application recently – click hereclegg

Dear Cllr. Dockerill,

Wapping High St Ltd would like to invite you to a consultation event on Saturday 25th July 2015 from 11-4pm at Raine House, Raine St E1W 9RG where we will be exhibiting revised plans for the redevelopment of 125-129 Wapping High Street, 13-15 Cinnamon Street and 14-15 Clegg Street. Read more

Ornamental Canal – 14th July Planting Day

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P1070128I recently posted about the improvements underway to make the Ornamental Canal more attractive and nature-friendly. Click here

Phase 2 of the programme is coming up on 14th July and will involve putting additional planting in and around the canal to encourage wildlife and help with water quality. Details from the council’s lovely volunteer coordinator, Sam, below:

Good morning Cllr Dockerill

Phase 2 of the Wapping canal project will be carried out on the 14th July.

I have sent an email to Mark Baynes and he is due to include a write up on the Love Wapping (he has – thanks, Mark – click here to read) website to encourage volunteers but according to Bow Landscapes only 6 are required at the most to help with unloading. I hope many more will be needed for stage 3! Read more

Cinnamon/Clegg/High Street Site Proposals

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cinnamonResidents might recall a local planning consultation held by Phoenix back in October (I think) to showcase plans for three sites just off Wapping High Street that used to be owned by TfL (straddling Cinnamon and Clegg Streets and backing onto the High Street). You can find the proposals here.

Since the plans were formally submitted to Tower Hamlets, I have been helping residents make representations to the planning department over light, privacy and height issues. I have also added my own representations, lobbying for any CIL or Section 106 money from this development to be spent in Wapping, not elsewhere in the borough, ideally to restore heritage aspects of this conservation area and improve green spaces in the immediate vicinity. I have highlighted my concern about the junction of Cinnamon Street and Wapping Lane—although it is technically a car-free development, there will be more pressure on the surrounding roads at weekends and this is a tricky junction because of the bend in Wapping Lane where the D3 and 100 buses pass through. I have raised concerns too about the width of the pavements around the site, particularly if families with pushchairs or disabled people will be living in any of the new properties. Read more

Wapping Shopping List

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photoIt is now a year since I was first elected as Wapping’s local councillor and in that time, I have been trying to raise our ward’s profile in Tower Hamlets and get it the repairs and maintenance work that have been ignored for far too long. I now have news on various items of that work:

The Bascule Bridge on Garnet Street. When I was campaigning in the elections last year, an exasperated resident said she would be grateful if someone could get the bascule bridge properly maintained as it is rusting away from underinvestment. It is a great piece of industrial heritage and one of the things that gives Wapping its character and sense of history. I am delighted to say that it is now going to be painted!

garnet- Wapping Lane pavement – I raised the problem of enormous puddles gathering outside the Wapping Lane shops by the zebra crossing and the area has since been drained and repaved so hopefully there will be no more problems.

- Bollard Lighting, Ornamental Canal – I have asked for a year now for the lighting to be restored to the canalside to improve safety for residents and those running or cycling through our ward. The lighting had been vandalised and left unloved for too long, and it was one of the things I badgered Tower Hamlets about relentlessly! This week, it was confirmed that the new bulbs have been installe Read more

Wapping Lane Junction – Traffic Lights Fixed

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junctionMany Wapping residents walk to and from Shadwell DLR, crossing the Highway at the intersection with Wapping Lane. However the safety of the pelican crossing has been questioned because of the phasing of the traffic lights.

Currently, when the traffic light turns green for cars turning right from Wapping Lane onto the Highway, the pedestrian crossing turns green too. Sometimes the cars do not notice that they need to stop, posing a danger to any people who are using the crossing.

I raised this safety issue immediately with TfL’s Head of Surface Transport and received the reply below. Thankfully he has sent engineers to the site and a temporary fix has been implemented while we wait on the parts for a permanent solution. The latter should be imposed by the end of July.  Read more

Anti-Social Behaviour Update

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clegg 1I speak regularly to the ward policing team to ensure that they have up-to-date information about any concerns residents have expressed to me on crime-related issues. As the weather heats up, we tend to experience more problems with anti-social behaviour and general nuisance and I have received the following reply from Sgt Jak Bentley about the particular issues around Clegg and Cinnamon Streets where groups of young men gather to drink.

It looks like Sgt Bentley may be heading off to pastures new (we do hope not!) and in the meantime, I have had a coffee with Inspector Clive Hewett who is the new head honcho for our part of the borough to familiarise him with our ward and the issues we have here.  Read more

Operation Strong Tower

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Councillors received the briefing below from our borough policing team about Operation Strong Tower, an exercise carried out by the Met as practise for a major incident. They have asked that we circulate it to reassure any residents who see or hear the exercise.

The 2nd day of a major exercise to test the emergency services and Government response to a terrorist attack will be held in Tower Hamlets today in the Canary Wharf Estate.

It started yesterday, Tuesday, 30 June, the exercise – named Operation Strong Tower – will test the response to terrorists armed with firearms.

This operation, which has been planned for over six months, is part of the Government’s regular National Counter Terrorism Programme of exercises and has been developed jointly by the Metropolitan Police Service and the Home Office. Over 14 different organisations and agencies are taking part.

Read more

Wapping Ornamental Canal Project

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I know how passionately Wapping residents feel about the Ornamental Canal which runs through the heart of the ward from Wapping Woods through to Hermitage Waterside. Not only does it provide everyone a much-loved outside space to walk, exercise and find peace in the metropolis, but it also hosts local wildlife from swans, moorhens and ducks to herons and carp. CHYGczIW8AAE5qR

I have been trying for some time to get improvements to the canal, both on maintenance issues and upgrades to signage and street furniture. I continue to push for the reinstatement of the bollard lighting to improve personal safety along the canal and alerted the council to an overgrown, messy area of the upper walkway which has now been cleared up. There is a long piece on my website from last year about the pumps and Bow Maintenance contract as well. http://wappingconservatives.com/uncategorized/ornamental-canal/#more-4172

Earlier this year, a number of the council’s Clean & Green team came down to the canal to see what can be done to improve the environment for wildlife. We asked for more bird platforms, planting that might encourage better water flow and other steps to make it a nicer environment for young families and others to enjoy. I asked for improved information boards to replace the grim bye-law notices there at the moment.  Read more

Some answers on the Thames Super sewer

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proj-004-KEMP-view1-12-12-02-1024x724Just before the election, I met the team working on the Thames super sewer to discuss its likely impact on Wapping. Click here to see the original article.

I asked them some questions about likely disruption in Wapping from construction works and they said they’d get back to me, which they’ve now done (they actually replied in March but their email got lost in the ether). I paste below the answer I received. Read on if you’d like to know what’s happening with the traffic management, children’s playground and setting up of the community liaison group. In short, no bus routes (i.e. the D3) stand to be affected, the Thames Path will be diverted, and the first community liaison meeting will take place in 2016.

Read more