Ornamental Canal Update

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IMG_7193The pump has recently broken on the canal which is creating problems with the water level. The wildlife rafts installed last year are meant to be submerged but with the pump issues, they have become visible. I have asked the maintenance team to take a look, and they are going to get the biodiversity officer to review how well the planting is working. I have also pushed for progress on improved information boards and asked for the fencing to be fixed.

I received today the following update from Matt of the Clean & Green team:

Good Morning Councillor.

Thank you for your email. We have raised an order for inspection and repair of the pumps with our surveyors department. I have asked for a full timeframe and report regarding the issues but have yet to receive this. I have chased this up today yet again and will certainly update you fully once I am in receipt of this

We have however removed the majority of the weed from the tobacco dock area of the canal and this is looking much better.

We are aware of the fence and I believe this is not TH owned and is being investigated by Keith Woodard CC. I am meeting Keith at the canal at 10am this morning to look at the sign boards along the canal and will provide an update later today on when these will be repaired.

Hope all is well

Kind Regards


Spring Newsletter

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FullSizeRender[1]I don’t always get a chance to keep everyone up to date with my work as our local ward councillor, so I’ve thrown everything together into a spring newsletter. I hope it gives you a flavour of some of the local issues I’ve been working on. It’s not an exhaustive list and, as always, feel free to get in touch if you have a concern that is not touched upon in this newsletter.

Warmest wishes,


Cllr Julia Dockerill

Spring 2016 newsletter

If there are any troubles accessing the above pdf link, then I’ve pasted the newsletter’s text below. Read more

Course on Islam at the Hurtado Centre

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Father Damian of the Hurtado Centre on Chandler Street, is giving three lectures on the beliefs of Islam for any local people who would like a better understanding of the religion. Father Damian is a lecturer in theology at Heythrop College, University of London.

Here’s the flyer:

Sign of the Crescent Moon

Proposed changes to D3 bus route

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d3I’ve tweeted before to alert Wapping residents to a proposal by TfL to re-route the D3 bus so that it no longer serves the Isle of Dogs but cuts across Canary Wharf to Blackwall.

The consultation on this runs to 20th March and I have been asked to comment formally by the council. I paste my consultation response below in case anyone wishes to make similar points. The details of the proposal and how to respond to it can be found here – https://consultations.tfl.gov.uk/buses/isle_of_dogs

The email address for consultation responses is consultations@tfl.gov.uk

Here’s my response:

RE: Bus Service Proposals affecting Isle of Dogs and connections to the rest of the borough


Thanks for giving us the opportunity to comment on the bus service proposals.

Naturally they have caused concern in my own ward of St Katharine’s and Wapping since the D3 is one of only two single-deck buses to serve the area, the other being the 100. The D3 provides an important and much-valued service to Wapping residents, linking those who have jobs, friends and family members on the Isle of Dogs to that area. The proposal to link instead to the Town Hall has the merit of connecting Wapping residents to Mulberry Place but this is of minor importance when taking into account the loss of much more important routes onto the island. Read more

First time buyer homes at London Dock

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FTBBuying a place in Wapping is prohibitively expensive, as we all know. But if you’re a renter in the ward and would like the chance to own a home of your own here, you might want to take a look at the First Time Buyer brochure sent through by St George, London Dock. 28 FTB homes are up for sale, with discounted prices ranging from £152,940 to £268,160. The units are available only to people who live or work in Tower Hamlets and don’t own other property. To qualify, you also need to earn as a household a maximum of £60 780.

You then own a share of the property and the council owns the remaining share. However, unlike other shared ownership schemes, you don’t have to pay rent on the bit of the flat you don’t own. What is more, FTB flats also have access to the buildings’ facilities, including a pool and gym.

Unfortunately I was not handy enough to get this up in time for the launch weekend at the end of Feb, but their MD tells me that applications are still open. Also, remember this is just phase one – Admiral, Alexander and Clipper Wharves. More homes are in the pipeline and will start to come up when the next phase of construction begins.

St George have also sent through some info about their community fund – take a look if you have some ideas for community work in the area that need funding. They list the kinds of local projects that have already benefited.

Letter to Cllr Dockerill 26.02.16

St George_London Dock_First Time Buyer Brochure

London Dock Community Fund Report 2015 floorplan Read more

Rat Running Through Wapping – Report It!

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P1070098One of the biggest issues that residents are writing to me about at the moment is the use of Wapping as a rat run, particularly in morning rush hour and by commuter coaches and HGVs. I have raised this on numerous occasions with the council, and in person with the Mayor, suggesting higher visibility traffic patrols in the morning. This has not led to visible improvements yet although I think we are beginning to get some action with better signage and promised rush hour enforcement operations.

Last night I got an email from Peter Alnutt of Tower Hamlets’ Street Enforcement & Response team. Read more

Tobacco Dock

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tdIn October 2012, Tobacco Dock was relaunched as a dedicated venue for conferences, events, parties and fairs. This has brought new life to a much-loved Wapping building but can at times lead to disruption and disturbance to residents by patrons of the events and from loud music.

I received a small number of complaints about a motorcycle event in June 2014 and had a meeting with Tobacco Dock to discuss how they could improve their management and relationship with residents. You can read about my meeting here. I then received no further complaints until summer/autumn 2015 when concerns were raised about cooking fumes from the Meatopia event, and noise, rubbish and ASB from some of the bigger party events.

I therefore arranged a meeting between residents, Tower Hamlets officers and Tobacco Dock, which took place last night. Read more

Royal Mint Court Plans, Tower Hill

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royalmintThough not strictly in our ward, I thought residents would be interested to see the consultation boards for the redevelopment of the Royal Mint site. Click here

For those unfamiliar with the site, it is opposite St Katharine Docks and the Tower of London and is currently dominated by a faceless office development dating from 1989. Nonetheless, this is an important historical site and retains some valuable buildings such as the Grade II listed Johnson Smirke Building, completed in 1809, which housed the Royal Mint after five hundred years based in the Tower of London. The Johnson Smirke building was named after the two architects responsible for its inception, one of whom, Sir Robert Smirke, went on to design the British Museum.

The Company of Moneyers led by the Mint Master – a post held at one point by Sir Isaac Newton – manufactured all coins of the realm. But when decimalization was introduced in the early 1970s, operations were transferred to new buildings in Wales, and in 1975 minting ceased at Royal Mint Court.  Read more

Christmas Round-Up

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Please find my latest newsletter here – WAPPING CHRISTMAS ROUND

Or pasted below:


From Cllr Julia Dockerill & your local Conservative team in Tower Hamlets

  • Christmas Tree
  • Rat Running
  • Ornamental Canal Lighting
  • Anti-social behaviour
  • Bike Sheds
  • Broadband
  • Cinnamon Street planning application
  • Tobacco Dock
  • Town Hall Stuff – new Town Hall in Whitechapel, Bishopsgate Goodsyard

Christmas Tree

FullSizeRenderFirst things first, I want to thank everybody who came to the Wapping Green Christmas Tree Lights Switch-on this year. It was a great community event, and so reassuring to receive everyone’s support. I reckon around 200 people showed up on the night and helped with the countdown (in the absence of any starry Wapping resident to do it for us!) We also had lights for the shops this year, thanks to Simon at the council who promised that while my request was too late last year, we could get them up in 2015. Long may they continue!

I put the event on with the help of a fantastic band of locals, who I cannot thank enough for their kindness and generosity. I didn’t do an Oscars-style roll call on the night so hope you will forgive me for doing one now! The biggest thank you must go to the magnificent Lauren Hill of St Katharine Docks, who gave up her time to help me coordinate everything. She brought a fantastic team of helpers from the marina, led by William Bowman, and made everything go so smoothly in spite of my flapping around! Read more

London Dock Community Projects

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The London Dock team wrote to me this week with details of progress in the first nine months of the London Dock Community Fund, including the Summer Programme of projects for local young people with community BBQs, a coding club and water sport activities.

They have £2,180 remaining in the 2015 fund, with the deadline for small grants and ‘greening the ward’ activities closing on 12 October 2015. If there are any community groups or charities in Wapping eligible and interested in these grants, please get in touch with the East End Community Foundation who are managing the fund:

Telephone – 020 7345 4444

Email – grants@eastendcf.org

Website – www.eastendcf.org

For anyone interested in how the money has been spent so far, here is their report – London Dock Community Fund 2015