Delivery Motorbikes and Takeaway Waste

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P1070123I recently raised the issue of delivery bikes damaging the bridge on the Ornamental Canal and also the amount of waste being produced by takeaway outlets on the Highway. I received the response below from the council. Not enormously encouraging…I had hoped they might look again at the bridge issue, perhaps placing some bollards there so at least they’d have to slow down, as the problems have been bad enough to require the planks to be repaired recently, taking out an important pathway for residents.

Dear Councillor Dockerill

Enquiry regarding: ME – Follow Up: Waste Generated by the Fast Food Outlets on the Highway

In response to your query received on 14th October 2016 I can advise as follows; Read more

Open Evening at Tobacco Dock

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tdEarlier in the year, we had a meeting between Tobacco Dock and neighbouring residents about the management of events. I suggested at the meeting that it would be good idea if a better relationship was built between the community and Tobacco Dock, and one way to do that might be an Open Day.

The first of these was organised for 25 August and several residents took the chance to go on a guided tour of the Dock and enjoy the rooftop cinema afterwards.

The TD team are keen for more residents to take a look at this special local building and give their input and feedback. As such, they’ve organised the following meeting:

Date: Tuesday 29th November, The Dock at Tobacco Dock. 19:00 – 20:30

 If you would like to attend, please email Unfortunately I can’t be there as it clashes with Strategic Development Committee.

They have also updated their website, if you have the time please do have a look at the upcoming events that are taking place (they continue to advise on discounted and complimentary tickets where available).

I know residents have concerns about the management of the recent Halloween event, and I have already raised these directly with Tobacco Dock for their investigation.  Read more

Speeding in Wapping

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P1060863I have written about the issue of boy racers, commuter coaches, HGVs and ratrunners speeding along Wapping’s 20mph roads on many, many occasions.

After the most recent incident involving a bad crash just opposite Capital Wharf, I asked the Borough Commander about what we can do to prevent speeding of this kind, including whether a speed camera might be appropriate. She wasn’t entirely sure of the regs in this area and wondered if the speed limit was 20mph, whether it was the council who needed to install such cameras. So I asked the council and just got this response.

It is suggested I contact Inspector Darren Baxter about volunteering in a community speed watch event. I actually did that at the time but heard nothing more. I’ll write to Inspector Baxter again and let you know what he says.


Dear Councillor Dockerill

Enquiry regarding: ME – 20mph Speed Cameras

In response to your query received on 24 October 2016, speed limits can only be enforced by the Metropolitan Police with safety cameras installed by the London Safety Camera Partnership; the council have no powers of enforcement. Read more

Nitrous Balloon Losers

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clegg 1Excuse the title of this article but I am feeling both exasperated and full of disdain…!

Returning home on Saturday night, I found the usual detritus of nitrous balloon losers right by my door. Clearly they had had another crazy, rock’n’roll evening…you almost feel sorry for people whose idea of fun is to sit in a hired sports car and suck a thirty second high from weeny little gas canisters that Mary Berry might otherwise use to whip cream for a flan.

Then I am greeted today by several emails from similarly exasperated residents who tell me that Sunday night was race track night, and these guys spent several hours zooming round and round and round before hanging out on the street and making a total racket, just like the average user of a Rolls Royce or Lamborghini.

Anyway, I thought I’d just update residents on some of the work I’ve done these issues: Read more

Keep our 100 bus route!

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100-busTfL wants to change the 100 bus route, one of our major Wapping transport links, such that it terminates at the Museum of London rather than Elephant & Castle. This means that the route will no longer serve key sites such as St Paul’s, the shops at One New Change, Blackfriars station, the Southbank and Tate Gallery, and Elephant & Castle. I am encouraging all concerned residents to object to this proposal so we can get our voice heard. You may wish, of course, to set out your own reasons for objecting but I have also drafted a reply for residents to copy and paste into an email if they so wish.

Please send to the consultation address below and also copy in the Mayor of London and our Assembly Member, Unmesh Desai.

Deadline – 13 November

Full details on TfL’s website – Bus service proposal: Routes 100 and 388

Email – and copy in  and

Dear Mr Clark,

I am writing to object to your proposal to terminate the 100 bus route at the Museum of London instead of its current destination of Elephant & Castle.

I live in Wapping, a ward that is currently served by a London Overground station and two single decker buses, the D3 and 100. I urge you to drop plans to shorten the 100’s route for the following reasons: Read more

A word on nitrous oxide, CCTV and ASB

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img_6110I’ve been working with residents to raise concerns about nitrous oxide (those horrible little canisters that are constantly strewn on the pavement) and anti-social behaviour. For residents’ interest, this is a recent reply from the council about problems around Hermitage Gardens. I share it because it has info on the legislation around nitrous oxide and the issues with the council’s CCTV equipment.


I have read with interest PC McGubbin’s comments on dealing with cars parked up and people using Nitrous Oxide canisters as legal highs. At the time of PC McGubbin’s email there was no legislation around the use or supply of this product and apart the use of street trading legislation no one had any powers to do anything about it. Since then the new “Psychoactive Substances Act 2016” provides only the Police with a lot more powers to deal with the use and supply of this product. The powers gives a Police Officer the power to arrest on detection or suspicion of supply of this product .It can be subject as to how many people would have for supply but I understand guidelines are putting the upper limit of 100 for suspicion.

Generally since the new legislation we have seen a massive reduction in the use and reports of the “nox” product and balloons. An example of this was the Lovebox event where last year we seized hundreds of boxes under street trading legislation and there was around 30 sellers working the event each day. This year we did not seize any and there were only three arrests at the very end of one night.

In relation to the temporary camera and Redmead Lane. Unfortunately with deployable cameras they serve as a high vis deterrent and have a limited life in any one place. A fully installed CCTV Cameras will be permanently connected to the Control Room by Fibre Optic cable so all the video is sent back to the Control Room and control is instant because of bandwidth sizes etc. This is not the case with deployable cameras as everything is within the box on the lamp column and contacting this camera is via mobile phone 3g and 4g technology . Downloading, controlling, transmitting images or setting up the deployables is problematic, very time consuming and often fails. Sometimes you just get enough bandwidth to point them in the right direction. Read more

Join KEMP Community Liaison Working Group

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King Edward Memorial Park Proposals

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IMG_3221London is getting a new sewer system, known as the Thames Tideway project, and we stand to be affected as they need to dig a big shaft in King Edward Memorial Park to access the tunnel works.

The bad news is that we’ll face some disruption to KEMP and we won’t be able to see the beautiful river view of Canary Wharf for some time.

The good news is that we get a big lump of cash to invest in the park. This will lead to revamped sports facilities and landscaping by 2020.

At the moment, Tideway is consulting residents on the plans. Here are the details of this week’s consultation. John Orwell Sports Centre foyer– September 13-18, weekdays 7am-10pm, weekends 9am-6pm. Drop in and have a chat, Wednesday September 14th, 7pm-9pm Read more

Let’s stop Commuter Coaches

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centaurI wrote in my latest newsletter about work I’ve been doing to stop commuter coaches and big lorries using our ward as a cut-through, particularly at times of heavy traffic on the Highway. As we all know, the narrow cobbled streets in Wapping make it very dangerous for big vehicles to squeeze themselves through and they are not permitted to do so as a result.

I have been working closely with local residents and Peter Allnutt at the council, who has been sending information on the offenders to TfL. This has worked pretty well and we have seen far fewer big vehicles going through. If residents do spot hefty HGVs or cumbersome coaches cutting through Wapping, do report them to Peter –

But there’s a twist…

I dropped an email to Peter last night to report two separate sightings from residents of Centaur commuter coaches barging through our ward. He asked me to give him a bell as with Centaur, there’s a catch. Read more

Car Clubs

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P1070098I had an enquiry from a resident recently about the expansion of car clubs in Tower Hamlets for those who cannot get parking permits or who do not wish to operate their own vehicle.

I received the response below from the council – it seems they are looking at how to roll out these kinds of schemes so that more residents can benefit, and changing some of the rules for existing users to give them greater freedom.


Dear Councillor Dockerill

Enquiry regarding: ME – DriveNow Car Club – Tower Hamlets Expansion

Thank you for your recent enquiry concerning car clubs and their operations in Tower Hamlets.

The Council recently approved a new approach to allow car club providers access to new borough wide parking permits. Read more