Crime update – be vigilant in Wapping Woods

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Wapping residents should be aware that there has recently been a spate of muggings in Wapping Woods. Cllr Emma Jones helped with efforts to cut back the trees, install CCTV and improve safety in the area last year so it is sad to hear of these problems. We encourage everyone to stay alert.

Local Conservative activist, Neil King, attended the recent meeting at Studio Spaces to discuss problems on Pennington Street with illegal raves and other crime. A trained barrister, Neil suggested a number of legal avenues the council might pursue over nuisance behaviour. Inspector Ryan Francis encourages all residents to report, not ignore, any incidents, including anti-social behaviour. Currently the number of incidents reported in our ward is very low, pushing us down the priority list. Read more

Improving Wapping Lane – What’s Your View?

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IMG_3215We are always looking for ways to improve our area— whether clearing the canal, improving street lighting or repairing pot holes. We have a great parade of shops on Wapping Lane but we think the street itself could do with TLC.

The pavement is poorly maintained, leaving big puddles in heavy rain. We also think that the railings on either side of the zebra crossing create problems. Groups of kids often sit either side of them, which can be intimidating for passers-by to walk through. The railings also create log-jams for pedestrians, particularly around the cash points. People end up walking around them and onto the road—the very thing that the railings are designed to prevent! Read more

Wapping surgeries in Bethnal Green? Thanks Cllr Haque!

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Anyone wishing to see Wapping councillor, Shafiqul Haque, can now find him hanging out on the Roman Road, Bethnal Green, where he has decided to hold his surgeries—a half-hour bus ride away from Wapping.

Cllr Haque was elected in 2010 after standing as a Labour candidate. But he got booted out of the Labour Party two years later and is now one of Mayor Lutfur Rahman’s sidekicks.

This quality of service was probably not what was envisaged by the Wapping residents who crossed the Labour candidate’s box four years ago.

Put London Dock cash into Wapping not Whitechapel!

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IMG_4235With the massive News International site in Wapping set for redevelopment, our ward is in the midst of huge change. Over the next fifteen years, 1800 homes, a secondary school and 20 000 square metres of commercial space will be built in a new quarter dubbed ‘London Dock’.

In January, this was approved by the votes Labour members and the Lutfur Rahman supporters. Both Conservative members of the committee spoke and voted against the application—while we support the regeneration of this corner of our ward, particularly plans to bring heritage sites like the Pennington Street warehouse to life, there are too many unanswered questions. Read more

Wapping Conservatives website coming soon.

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We are currently building our very first ward website. We hope it will become a helpful resource for everyone in the community and a good way of learning more about what’s going on in our area.

Please be patient while we put everything together. The site will evolve over time, with more detailed information and new photographs coming soon.

Best wishes,


Fighting for the issues that matter

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Your local Conservative Action Team has been working hard for the last eight years to make sure that Tower Hamlets Council takes notice of the issues that matter in Wapping. From the anti-social behaviour on Pennington Street to the closure of
Wapping station, from the Olympic route on The Highway to overdevelopment, Cllr Emma Jones and her team have been busy across our local area.

Our Action Team’s surgeries have been very popular with local residents. They have helped local people on issues as diverse as housing, crime and anti-social behaviour, funding for local community groups, school places and rubbish collections.

Local Conservative councillor Dr Emma Jones says “In Wapping, we have a very strong community spirit and with major new housing developments planned locally, it is important that Tower Hamlets Council invests properly in local services and infrastructure. We must ensure that schools, doctors surgeries and public transport can keep pace with the extra demands placed upon them.”

With your help we can achieve much more over the next four years.

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