Helicopter Noise

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f9529dd360a1a48a691b5343c77b6ae4As we leave our doors and windows open in the hot weather, Wapping residents have become more aware of the noise from helicopters flying over our ward – low-flying Chinooks, police helicopters and other aircraft have all been spotted in recent weeks.

Military aircraft (which, I believe, is what are flying so frequently over Wapping at the moment) do not come under the same noise laws and flight restrictions as civil aircraft. However there is a contact to whom one can complain at the Ministry of Defence about low-flying aircraft and I have made representations on residents’ behalf to alert them to the noise nuisance being caused in Wapping (their reply is below). Read more

Redevelopment around King Henry’s Wharf

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P1060996UPDATE: I have been sending residents’ concerns about the draft Construction Management Plan to the Planning Department and requesting that they are sent on to the developer so that they can be taken into account in any final CMP rather than afterwards. The Planning Department replied:

Dear Councillor, 

Thank you for the comments. I have not heard anything from the site owners / agent to suggest that the scheme is coming forward in the immediate future. However, I'll send the comments through to our contact who was involved with project at the planning stage. If they are retained by the future Developer they will hopefully be able to take them on board at an early stage. Otherwise we may just have to wait until the Developer establishes contact with us when they are ready to move the project forward, and get them to look again at the issues then.

Kind regards, Richard

So there is no construction work imminent but I shall certainly be keeping an eye on the issue so that we can be ready when they eventually get themselves into gear.

ORIGINAL ARTICLE For those residents who are not aware, King Henry’s and Phoenix Wharves on Wapping High Street are to be redeveloped, as is the bit of scrub near to the Captain Kidd alongside Bridewell Place. (See little map I made).

To read more about the development, check out ‘What’s in Wapping’ which has an excellent summary of what’s happening. Read more

‘No Cycling’ signs to be returned to Spirit Quay

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IMG_4426We knocked on the doors of Spirit Quay residents recently and they told us of the problems they have been having with inconsiderate cyclings zooming along the upper walkway by the ornamental canal and nearly knocking residents over.

While cycling is permitted on the lower walkway, it is prohibited along Spirit Quay but the council had persistently ignored requests to reinstate ‘No Cycling’ signs.

Finally a council officer has now been down to the area to see the problems and it has been agreed that four new signs will be erected by the end of the summer.

Dear Councillor Dockerill

Subject: Cyclists at Spirit Quay

Thank you for your enquiry regarding cyclists at Spirit Quay. Read more

Latest Planning Applications for Wapping

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P1060947As councillors, we get sent lists of all the latest planning applications for the ward. I thought it might be helpful if I post these on this website so people can see what’s happening in St Katharine’s & Wapping. I shall try to make this a regular thing once I get the email through.

Of interest this month:

- modifications to Waitrose (residents might have seen signs in-store that there is likely to be a bit of disruption over the next few weeks)

- the application for a larger, riverside restaurant in Metropolitan Wharf.

- the Guoman Tower Hotel is converting a part of the site to allow for additional retail units.

Read more

More on HGV-London Dock Issue

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IMG_5227As I have advised the many residents getting in touch about access to the London Dock site (click http://wappingconservatives.com/uncategorized/london-dock-construction-traffic/#more-4087 to read more about it all), I would be posting the response from the Tower Hamlets planning team as soon as I received it.

I paste below the reply that came through to me at midday today. There was some confusion as to whether TH’s planners had requested the new access point or whether it had been St George, the developer. The letter below confirms that it was the TH planning team.

Just to reiterate, St George is holding a drop-in session this Thursday to discuss this issue further with local residents. I hope to attend the meeting.

The event will be held in St George’s consultation room at the eastern end of Pennington Street Warehouse between 5pm and 8pm, 26 June.

For those seeking further information, I recommend entries from two of our local bloggers, Pootling Paul and Love Wapping:



Read more

Tobacco Dock Meeting

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P1060896A few weeks ago, Tobacco Dock hosted a motorcycle event that disturbed a number of Wapping residents. This led to a series of complaints which Julia took up directly with Tobacco Dock to ensure they were aware of the impact on the local community.

Later that week she met the Tobacco Dock team and raised a number of concerns with them including the prospect of rooftop parties in the carpark, noise from the revving of motorcycles, traffic management around events, and littering and noise from guests.

Julia asked that the TD team put in writing some of the matters discussed and the correspondence is now below for interested local residents. For everyone’s information, the car park parties will no longer be going ahead this year.  Read more

Primary Care in Wapping & St Kat Docks GP Update

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Picture1 UPDATE, 17 June 2014 – Cllr Julia Dockerill has now had private meetings with Dr Patel and NHS primary care commissioners, Paul Bennett and Neil Roberts, about the future of St Katharine Docks GP Practice.

The way in which primary care is commissioned is highly complex, making this a rather difficult issue to distil into an interesting news article or soundbite. But here goes…

GPs are not employed by the NHS but are independent contractors whose contracts are negotiated centrally through annual talks between the British Medical Association and the NHS. Every year a fresh financial settlement is reached which is then applied to all contract types, calculated using a national formula known as Carr Hill. Read more

London Dock Construction Traffic

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IMG_5370UPDATE! Note from St George over construction traffic access issue

St George is holding a drop in session next week for local residents. This will provide local residents with the opportunity to meet the team and discuss proposed construction arrangements for the London Dock development.  

The event will be held in our consultation room at the eastern end of Pennington Street Warehouse between 5pm and 8pm on Thursday 26 June.  

 We have recently been advised that Tower Hamlets has asked St George to change the HGV access routes to the London Dock site. It had been the case that all construction traffic was being taken along Pennington Street. However Vaughan Way will now be used as well, providing a second access point.

There is a worry that this will put enormous pressure on Vaughan Street and the junction with the Highway. I have sent the following representations to the Tower Hamlets Planning Department and am waiting to hear back. In the meantime, I also met Craig Carson, Managing Director of St George East. He has provided a formal reply to the concerns I raised. This is also pasted below.

I am in touch with residents of Quay 430 and others. I shall post any further news here as soon as I have it.  Read more

Thank You

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IMG_5529Written below is an account of the election campaign in St Katharine’s & Wapping and my first few weeks as a newly-elected councillor for our area. I appreciate it’s a little long but thought it might be of interest to those who might be curious about what goes on! I shall be writing shortly with information about the Wapping issues I’m currently dealing with.

In the words of the great Alan Carr, ‘What a month it’s been!’ After a whirlwind three weeks, I have finally grabbed a moment to put fingers to keyboard and I do so as a freshly-elected, first-time councillor. Read more

Highway Crossing – TfL Actively Investigating

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highwayWe know that there is a lot of concern, particularly among parents, about safety in relation to the Highway, the busy road that dissects Wapping and Shadwell. In response to that concern, as you can see from the previous article, Julia wrote to Transport for London to ask for improvements to the Dock Street/Vaughan Way junction.

This afternoon, we received their response and are delighted to see that TfL is taking the matter very seriously by actively investigating a number of improvements to the junction. They are currently considering:

- narrowing Dock Street so that a single lane of traffic can pass through the junction at any one time.

- a wider cycle lane with a kerb so that cyclists are safer when using the junction.

- wider pedestrian crossings on the Highway to meet demand. Read more